Online shopping into the promotion and buy era hurt who

once, online shopping is a popular, because fresh; later, online shopping is a kind of normal, because convenient; now, online shopping is a kind of speculation, because cheap.

in the past, the promotion may be there, now, promotion everywhere, "one yuan seckill" and "Zheqi sale", "0 yuan postage"…… Small to a network of incense, a large Taobao to reach a million villa coupons, no you can not find, only you can not think of. As long as your mouse is fast enough, "cheap" is yours.

"shuangshier" on the same day, Taobao "national berserk zero time after opening, just 1 minutes, there are 2 million 700 thousand users into the website. Within 10 minutes, the commodity turnover reached 510 thousand, Alipay turnover exceeded 100 million yuan.

In addition to Taobao

"Festival" promotion, other business promotions is also unambiguous, in December 12th, F group launched 3 ultra low discount goods, of which 0.5 Yuan/can coke more vowed to overtake Taobao to create a single product the highest sales of 340 thousand pieces of records; QQ online shopping is a "total sales reached 199 send 300"…… Moreover, in the upcoming Christmas, new year’s day, the electricity supplier promotional efforts will increase. At this point, online shopping has entered the electricity supplier promotion and user rush era.

electricity supplier: Festival Promotion – rich

now electricity providers who can not be described as not rich, in order to grab users, improve sales, build logistics, advertising, engage in promotions, etc.. Loss? So what, investors have money. Data show that only in the first half of this year, the domestic e-commerce sector (excluding buy) has been disclosed in the investment and financing of 44, a total of more than $2 billion.

electricity providers face dilemma peibenzhuanyaohe, all the people call: winter came, anxious investors have on tenterhooks, calm down the business practice "internal strength". However, temporary capital investment, like a stimulant, let the money business enterprise are more crazy staking, oblivious to the intensive and meticulous farming. No wonder some people say, "surprised to find and innovative profit model Chinese type: the main business is not to make money, but to make different round of VC/PE money."

users: Crazy rush – cheap

continuously promotions section so that people too busy to attend to all, greatly satisfy the people "love cheap" mentality, so many people even suffer from "online shopping addiction". Every day on the Internet, you can not help but look at the shopping site, a few days not online shopping, I think what shortcomings, often go to Amoy discount goods, buy some piecemeal, do not need something "…… Many people’s lives have been kidnapped online shopping. An online survey of nearly 3000 people showed that about 71.1% of respondents thought they were " online shopping was dependent on " and about 25.6% of them felt that they had " more serious "