Maternal and child market war will rise the opportunities and challenges behind the cake

recently, professional service brand "cow pregnancy mother" announced the completion of ten million yuan level pre-A round of financing, the investor is the capital of listed companies and two maternal qianshan. Not long ago, the baby tree COO Wei Xiaowei held in Shanghai, China’s new home Marketing Summit also revealed that baby tree in June this year, just completed a new financing of more than 3 billion yuan.

began in June of this year, in smooth water other areas of entrepreneurship, maternal electricity supplier market increasingly fierce strife. Honey bud invested heavily in cooperation with the Golden Eagle cartoon and CCTV named "61" party, babe network also received $100 million D round of financing. Hot capital through 2015 2016, the capital market tends to be robust, but presents another scene in maternal and child market, financing side side crazy crazy burn, baby market war will open in recent.

capital market is an exception

maternal cold?Effect of

2015 the winter capital is still not over, according to the orange IT data show that in 2016 1~5 months, the number of an investment investors appeared to cut down. Jingwei China, for example, the number of investment fell from 51 to 28. Clear Research Center released the first half of 2016 China equity investment market review shows that in the first half of 2016 a total of 818 angel investment cases, representing a decrease of more than 30%.

is the opposite of the current vertical maternal electricity supplier, has been an unprecedented blitz, the amount of financing and cases are increasing in recent months, there are many examples. The first half of 2016, the top of the maternal electricity supplier honey bud, babe network ho throw lots of money expansion, mutual competition, a time of maternal and child market smoke.

honey bud in early July last year, they spent about 70000000 yuan to invite Wang Han and Huo Siyan dozen star parents held honey bud Fashion Award, trying to create their own "mother fashion platform" image. In 2016, honey bud has named mango TV New Year’s concert, Hunan TV Chinese Spring Festival and lantern joy will, in cooperation with the China investment strategy car, swimming hall, and launched two sets of children’s Day party at the June Golden Eagle cartoon and cctv. Babe network also respectively in the East and not resigned to playing second fiddle, satellite TV, Shandong satellite TV title two Taiwan small party, also jointly launch a key step and when mom ".

babe network and honey bud both can play so with vigour and vitality, the reason is because there is a strong capital support.

cake opportunities and challenges, the war will ignite


as the most vertical electricity supplier in the field of maternal and child space, from the beginning of 2014, many of the board, so far there is no absolute market leader. As the second largest after the United States pregnant baby products consumer, according to the National Bureau of statistics data show that China 0 to a total of about 76000000 infants aged 4, plus the national two-child policy implementation, the State Planning Commission estimates, there are about 90 million couples of child-bearing age eligible, >