Groupon traced to hire full network staff headhunting cheat mail list

January 2011 afternoon, a strange phone call to the full network reception, to the joyful news – this "newly opened the gift company" hope for the full network of all the staff to eat its chocolate products. However, to get a free chocolate with electronic coupons containing mobile phone text messages, so it needs to get the full network of mail list.

receptionist said she was happy to help this busy. A few minutes later, the person who made the call will be easy to get the sales volume in China, the top five buy site staff contact. Later, feel things are strange to the full network COO Wang Ke back the number of results that he was shocked, this is not what the gift company, but the international well-known Human Resources Inc manpower Chinese headquarters.

"who knows, manpower is employed by Groupon." Wang Ke said that he had some feel like taking a loudspeaker Groupon into China, once pushed to the front.

yes, the history of the fastest growing company Groupon has indeed come, and have a partner Chinese Internet startups with Tencent. February 1st, the domain name registration information shows that the domain name has been transferred to the name of Tencent, the registrant is Ouyang Yun. The Tencent Inc executives are now Groupon and Tencent joint venture CEO. Previously, has been the domestic group purchase website Groupon registered. In mid January, the first financial weekly reporter had Groupon in the city of Beijing Music Center B block office and communication, Ouyang Yun refused to interview on the grounds of inconvenience. With the presence of Mads vice president Groupon Faurholt said China District simple "at present (1 months), we have to recruit about five or six people, things went smoothly, the website will see soon. We are indeed in cooperation with Tencent group, the equity ratio is 50:50." Groupon from the original City Deal responsible for overseas business team deployed five or six Europeans come, they are very young, the German Faurholt in positions, but also twenty-seven.

January 24th, Groupon announced a new round of financing, its founder Andrew Mason appeared in high and vigorous spirits in the major media, announced its just to finance the $950 million "will have the most flowers in Asia, especially Chinese". Count the first two rounds of financing, the establishment of more than two years to buy the site has raised $1 billion 115 million, the valuation is as high as $4 billion 750 million.

dollars will not bring too much pressure on China to buy the site, really let them worry about the next Groupon may be crazy offensive. January 26th, in Munich, Germany to participate in the DLD conference Li Kaifu hair micro-blog said: Groupon with more than 10% of the shares acquired by the German Cityde>