Moutai vip com sale Moutai almost all is fake

surging news reporter Chen Yiping claimed that he is a website dedicated to do the sale of goods, 100% authentic. However, after its December 8th special event, consumers have continued to buy a fake flying Moutai.

in this regard, said that the day of the sale of flying Moutai has quality problems, will take the initiative to contact someone’s goods 903 consumers in advance to return a refund, but denied the sale of fake goods, said it is still under investigation.

( in December 22nd, surging news reporter called Kweichow Moutai fake wine company office. A fake office staff said, from the current received complaints in December 8th, consumers in the "well-known liquor special session" activities to buy almost all fake Moutai liquor.

in view of the Moutai wine company to remind consumers to retain evidence, some of the people involved in the purchase of wine will not be the only product of the club to refund the refund. "Moutai wine fake office suggested that if the goods back, there is no evidence. When took the goods we insisted is genuine, we are beyond dispute." One consumer said.

lawyers suggested that consumers can be protected by civil proceedings, the highest possible payment of 10 times the price of goods to pay compensation.

consumers: buy 18 bottles of flying Moutai all fake

in December 8th, launched a large-scale liquor promotional activities, Guizhou, Guiyang Zhang bought three boxes of Guizhou Feitian Moutai total of 18 bottles.

" anniversary engage in sale activities, the original price of 5199 yuan a box of 6 bottles of wine after discount flying Moutai, as long as 3759 yuan, then the deductible coupons, count down a bottle as long as 500 yuan. The same type of wine in the price of Moutai counters at least 900 dollars a bottle." Zhang said he was a businessman, with Moutai to entertain customers is often the case, taking advantage of engage in activities, but also their own trust in the electronic business platform, he bought three boxes in one breath, a total cost of more than 1 yuan.

After the arrival of

, before Mr. Zhang opened, in December 16th, he received the customer service phone, the other said received online report said the sale of flying Moutai liquor quality problems, need to recall, consumers can apply for a refund after the return.

Zhang in to buy Moutai wine and counter authentic Moutai wine contrast.

"I think they go so big concessions to sell, so recall. But check the Internet, this wine is really a problem." Mr. Zhang found that online consumers have reported that sale of this batch of flying Moutai liquor suspected of selling fake products, quality problems and customer service is not called "".

he quickly opened a box of Moutai from to buy flying wine, by comparing the counter purchased genuine, found that there are many differences. First of all, sells