Enterprises through the network will make greater benefits

in the network era, e-commerce promotion is every enterprise will do the work, and effective way to promote e-commerce what? In the online promotion of enterprise products can be divided into enterprises owned enterprises website and also do these two kinds of website.

is currently on the network resource is divided into several blocks: search engine promotion, B2B platform promotion, network marketing and industry platform promotion pages, E-MAIL e-mail marketing, and other channels. The engine and the most popular promotion platform.

on the engine to promote the promotion of domestic and foreign promotion among the major channels to do a share:

domestic promotion: Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, one of the world’s top 10 sites, covering 95% of the China users, is the most valuable enterprise marketing platform, but Baidu’s left and right hand rankings are in the form of bidding enterprises should, depending on their circumstances to promote the cost of production, you keywords in Baidu products, the competition is not fierce, do natural ranking optimization web site suggests a year down click charges is far greater than the website promotion of an annual fee. Followed by YAHOO and Google. in Chinese search engine market share, Baidu, YAHOO, Google, 32% and 37.4% respectively among the 19.1% China search engine users use the top three market share.

foreign promotion: Google is the world’s highest utilization rate and search accuracy of the full text search engine. According to statistics, there are more than 76% of the search (using Google or Google data provided by Google) is the world’s leading search engine, use Google every day for more than two hundred million times the number of query.Google divided into ranking and the right side of the left hand. SEO keyword bidding optimization many enterprises have encountered such a problem, the network companies to promote the right hand of the bidding advertising bags a year, XX smart money, you can imagine, who can control the guests a day on how many times you? Count again at a time you spend much money, you can easily discover that single throw advertising is unable to bring to the enterprise to maximize the benefits of.

B2B platform to promote: with the construction of the B2B platform, the domestic B2B platform more and more, especially in the past two years have sprung up, B2B platform features are increasingly perfect. B2B platform to promote the network to provide services, not a one-stop service to the site. B2b platform is a small commodity market in Yiwu, spent forty thousand, eighty thousand is just to get a berth only, want to do business must also take great efforts on serious business.

Alibaba, Alibaba, for example, the rapid development of his suppliers more and more, there is a problem that is quite fierce internal competition. In the same industry, there are hundreds of suppliers, thousands or even tens of thousands. This will inevitably lead to a B2B platform, there is a fierce competition to get the customer down