asia domain name domain name Xiamen

      in September 27, 2007, DotAsia and 35 interconnection in the domain name Xiamen held a promotion, to promote the public ".Asia" domain name. From October 9th to January 15, 2008, Asia’s top domain name ".Asia" the official opening "SUNRISE" protection of registration, in the meantime, with the registered trademark or service mark of the organizations and individuals can register their own domain name. ".asia" is the ".Eu" domain name after the second domain name domain name.

      Asian domain name ".Asia"

      enable ".Asia" domain decision in December 6, 2006 by the global domain name top management organization ICANN, ICANN DotAsia Organisation.Asia commissioned generic top-level domain (gTLD) of the host and the registry. ICANN hopes to be able to integrate the power of the Asian century, the core strength of Internet activities and development in asia.

     , which accounts for 56.5% of the world’s population, has created the world’s most active and fastest growing market, and is the world’s fastest growing and most permeable region. Internet users in Asia accounted for 36% of the world, and this group is still growing at a rate of growth of 258%. As the world’s most densely populated region, there are at least 11 countries with more than 400 million Internet users in Asia, and the world’s most popular sites are also from Asia in the 30%.

      DotAsia chief executive Zhong Hongan in promotion conference said, very happy in China "domain names" – Xiamen and 35 Internet together to promote the ".Asia" domain, we have established a strategic partnership with the domain registrar China largest, will actively, comprehensively to ".Asia" domain name registration promotion and service work. Asian companies have shown great importance and dependence on the Internet, in terms of registered.Asia, they will not give up their own brand protection and promotion of any opportunity to promote their brand image. ".asia" as a top-level domain name in Asia, will also promote the further development of e-commerce in asia.

      priority registration, protection brand

      China currently only won the EU certification registration authority 35 Internet general manager Gong Shaohui said Chinese enterprises that meet the ".Asia" domain name standards can be registered ".Asia" Asia’s top priority domain, protect their brand. Between October 9, 2007 and January 15, 2008, businesses and individuals can