Jingdong wireless 618 full of Tencent flavor red envelopes of the three positions


] May 27th news billion state power network, the largest Jingdong annual Pro 618 has officially begun preheating, wireless end of this year is undoubtedly one of the most notable Jingdong 618 link. Billion state power network integrated Jingdong official disclosure of the 618 Jingdong and part of the business in the wireless terminal promotion strategy, three positions, 1 billion red, two hours ahead of the three play is the most prominent.

add WeChat and hand Q position

compared to last year, this year’s Jingdong 618 wireless terminal is the biggest change in the position. In addition to the independent mobile client, hand Q and WeChat will become an important platform for the promotion of wireless side Jingdong.

in the WeChat side, Jingdong’s entrance will be on the same period in 618 on-line. According to the information provided by a Jingdong business, Jingdong in WeChat’s main promotional program is explosive drainage. Allegedly, Jingdong will be set up in the home page scan two-dimensional code explosion, the end of the PC traffic to the mobile terminal. In addition, the Jingdong will also launch promotion resources in WeChat, wide point platform etc..

in addition, in the QQ side of the phone, Jingdong will also have a shopping portal. Informed sources said that Jingdong in the hands of Q two entrance will be located under the QQ wallet.

According to

billion state power network to understand, and Tencent "marriage", wireless strategy of Jingdong will be "App+ + hand WeChat Q three platform. This year’s 618 will undoubtedly become the first opportunity to drill.

1 billion red baura user

red envelopes is another key weapon to promote this year’s 618 Jingdong. It is understood that the Jingdong will continue at the end of May, WeChat mobile phone in QQ and mobile phone client Jingdong launched on the value of 1 billion yuan of "red Jingdong", a single red value of up to 618 yuan. Users can participate in the game through the screen scratch card to receive red envelopes.

it is reported that Jingdong will be divided into ordinary red envelopes and group red two. Ordinary envelopes at the specified time directly deduct cash consumption, the denomination of 6 yuan –18 yuan and 618 yuan; there are a number of common group of red envelopes, if the user successfully shared group red messages to friends, friends can get a red envelope.

but on the basis of the issuance of a red envelope, Jingdong in the wireless side (including App, Q and WeChat) the price of goods will be consistent with the PC side, there will be no difference strategy.

two hours ahead of the war

this year is divided into 618 Jingdong gathered, lying, lying on the star, and several other brands on the special plate. Among them, the star will lie lying and indulgence in the mobile terminal two hours in advance (i.e. night 22:00) started to promote.

it is understood that the star lying mainly refers to the Jingdong during the 618 day will arrange for a popular star for the delivery of lucky users, users can vote on the official website of Jingdong in advance to see the star. The ex gratia lying is mainly special merchandise.

in the mobile terminal ahead of the big promotion is not the first Jingdong