Alipay mobile phone stolen payment can be awarded

JINGWAH times (reporter Li Bin) although mobile payment convenience, but many users worry about security issues. Yesterday, Alipay promised if the stolen wallet with Alipay, Alipay will be the first compensation.


survey data found that about 36% of the users of mobile phone payment because of safety concerns and give up the use of. Many users worry that Alipay mobile phone installed on the mobile phone, once lost, your account will be stolen money. In this regard, Alipay has promised users in the use of Alipay wallet if stolen, can call 95188 customer service hotline, confirm in stolen conditions, the amount stolen by Alipay first compensation.

Alipay security expert sub Xuan suggested that Alipay user login name and password should be different from other network service account, and use the Alipay recommended security products and security services; the use of legitimate software, no installation and use of software risk.