Double eleven trademark war behind the secret can not be said

double eleven trademark war behind the secret can not be said

last week on a business trip to Shenzhen, and several electricity supplier to do a lot of friends to talk about this year’s electricity supplier changes. For example, Tmall recently to crack down on a single brush, such as the punishment of a well-known line of men’s clothing brand brush, so that they will not participate in a ten main venue of the activity, the brand is undoubtedly a big blow. Is obviously the shajijinghou, let the other brands do not try to brush single in the double eleven day adventure.

let this brother recall in mid October, "the hammer mobile phone booking events". Almost all people think that "Tmall hammer appointment fraud" is the hammer crisis credit crisis, but this is essentially Ali! Tmall mobile phone hammer reservation data fraud problem is very serious, especially sure this is Tmall’s own data on background change. Today is a hammer mobile phone, tomorrow is likely to double the eleven data, after the earnings data may be someone! Said the financial data who dare fraud, the risk is high, but the results which the number of active users, mobile orders and transactions accounted for more than fraud, it is not easy to survey, but these data are very important to the United States! Don’t try to challenge the bottom line of electricity providers listed the US investor trust. Because the data is more difficult to tamper with the background than the single brush. Brush is a merchant behavior, and tampering with the background data is the subjective behavior of the electronic business platform to expand sales. Therefore, including Tmall, including the president of the joint punishment is not too much!

traced to the background data is not tampered with Tmall precedent, the early group purchase is very common, of course, is now very common! Why operators to change the background data? Is a herd of consumer behavior love to follow suit, good sell more to follow suit; one is for data, other more convenient fishing businesses involved in the activities of the third platform! A number of key projects, key products, change data, convenient to do publicity! If the sales data is too miserable, shame, such as car sales! In 2013 double eleven promotion war, a total of 17776 car set car car, order to reach 2 billion 643 million of the total, the actual transaction orders up to 15000 cars! Car home also became the biggest winner of the eleven double and dark horse. While Tmall’s double eleven, is what the message did not settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, finally put out, the estimation result is too horrible to look at

!What is the relationship between the

hammer appointment event and Ali double eleven


in the East know all previous double eleven, there are a lot of brushes, every year also broke a lot of cases, such as the 2012 mercury home textiles and textiles brush single event. 2013 is a wide spread case, Tmall AK men’s flagship store sales records, letters and asterisks consisting of several ID repeatedly purchased the same the Menswear Shop 3999 yuan, 9999 yuan price of dozens of single. The friends of the chi clothing franchise stores, such as the number of aesthetic flagship store to participate in the promotion of the seller 11 pairs, on suspicion of scalping and Tmall was under the shelf.

Second in order to complete the double eleven >