Taobao Medical Museum revive qualification of legitimacy into focus

Taobao Medical Museum

four months before leaving the raise a Babel of criticism of seized the issue, with the recent Taobao vice president Chen Jun mall public "business" to be of concern to the industry, but also the media reported that Taobao Medical Museum is still in the rectification period, re opened whirling". But Taobao mall public relations director Yan Qiao yesterday, an interview with reporters, both denied that had been seized, but also said that Taobao Medical Museum has been in business.

reporter yesterday also log Taobao Medical Museum, found that it has not only been able to browse, and settled in the pharmacy has increased from 5 in June to 15.

shut down after 4 months to restart operations

in June 20th this year, Taobao is regarded as the Medicine Museum officially launched the milepost of pharmaceutical business, Shanghai Meida, Beijing Golden Elephant Pharmacy Pharmacy, Hangzhou Jiuzhou pharmacy, Jiangxi happy people of Yunnan Baiyao pharmacy and pharmacy and other five pharmacies first settled in Taobao mall.

but 18 days later in July 8th, the Taobao medical center because of no policy threshold, was registered in Zhejiang province food and drug regulatory authorities investigated. State Food and Drug Administration subsequently said that Taobao did not get qualified online selling drugs, peddling illegal drugs.

and Taobao mall vice president Chen Jun recently said publicly, I hope more and more excellent pharmaceutical companies and we work together to join the museum". The Taobao Medical Museum will know immediately or "dead".

, but the reporter interviewed Yan Qiao yesterday, was told that Taobao Medical Museum is currently in operation, and said it had not been sealed, but the relevant process feasibility and legitimacy of communication. The stop for 4 months, because Taobao split down into Taobao and shopping mall, so in the cutting process, Taobao Medical Museum rested for 4 months, but has now completed formal operation can be cut.

reporter yesterday login Taobao medical center, found that more than the increase of normal browsing, and Nepstar pharmacies, pharmacies and health off 10 pharmacies settled.

qualification is the focus of

although the Taobao medical center has been restarted, but for Taobao Medical Museum is not only to show the practice of selling drugs, the outside world is still questioned.

has said, in accordance with the provisions of the 2004 "Internet drug information service management approach", has won the "Internet drug information service qualification certificate" of the site, if the drug information provided directly brokered drugs online trading, still be regarded as illegal.

another rule that, because Taobao does not directly transactions, but only to provide the page Jump, only the display function, so no violation. Taobao mall also said that in the pharmaceutical enterprises all have the Internet and drug transaction qualification, Taobao Medical Museum just for Internet trading qualification business cooperation show drug information and provide relevant technical support, but did not intervene in the mall Taobao transaction and therefore does not belong to.