Taobao mall stand refused to negotiate that the new measures reasonable and legitimate

due to the pressure of the Ministry of Commerce, online rumors yesterday afternoon, said Taobao mall will be a compromise to the small sellers, the provisions of the previous increase in the threshold to raise fees to develop a more detailed implementation plan. However, today morning, Alibaba vice president of the group denied the "Tao said negotiations", said the new measures to develop Taobao mall are reasonable, the other is the malicious attack Taobao mall, not with YY voice channel negotiation organizer.

yesterday afternoon, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce official said that after the incident, Taobao is actively considering the introduction of relevant measures, taking into account the relevant interests, refine the program, which can support large businesses to become bigger and stronger, but also the maintenance of the actual interests of small and micro businesses in the original mall.

involvement of the Ministry of Commerce, so that the development of things to the direction of Taobao small sellers. Yesterday, a well-known activist lawyer Zhao Zhanling Sina micro-blog said: the Ministry of Commerce’s position has risen to stabilize prices and support small and micro enterprises, Taobao and ma I have to make some compromises. The solution is to reduce fees or the unified Taobao mall is divided into different regions and for different charges? Or are there other options? At least the current situation in favor of small sellers in the direction of development, activism can be said to a stage victory, rights needs to be adjusted, according to the law of reason."

The other side of the

event, the anti Taobao union release information, said: our final appeal, the establishment of the electricity supplier Association, the rules of the rules, so that the size of the seller together to develop the deposit by the government regulation." But then, the Union also revised the wording, said the effort is to cancel the deposit".