11 double battle this year especially dense smoke Ali let Jingdong face reality


double 11 war approaching, courier car also bar on the.

is on the side of the Alibaba, while the Jingdong store, if you are a business, if you can only choose one, you will stand in where? In the double 11 once a year is about to enter the white hot stage, Jingdong and Tmall once again put the dilemmas thrown out.

Jingdong yesterday announced that it has been reported to the State Administration for Industry and commerce real name Alibaba disrupt e-commerce market order. Alibaba responded that the final solution to the competition is to allow consumers to choose. The annual double 11 promotion, will pass to the Jingdong, Ali infighting spark a conflict accidentally "message, but because this year, Ali launched the first two high-profile strategic home court, this battle is smoke four. To enjoy a big promotion affordable hand chop party, now the most concern is the choice between giants do not hurt consumers and service reputation.

Jingdong said Ali diandaqike

this message is issued by Jingdong micro signal Jingdong blackboard newspaper. Jingdong said that the recent continuous receipt of business information, reflecting Ali in the 11 promotional activities in the merchant of coercion, the election of a two".

, said the merchant, the message is passed to the Alibaba: if you participate in the activities of Tmall’s 11 main venue, it is not allowed to participate in other platforms double the main venue of the 11 activities." Jingdong believes that Ali’s behavior is diandaqike typical, not only harm the interests of consumers, but also damage the business interests, hinder the normal market competition, therefore to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing.

In a few days before

, the Jingdong has made similar remarks, accusing Tmall of forcing one of two businesses, and firmly said "will never agree to such behavior and resolutely resist, please the majority of businesses make a conscious decision: to hegemony can only short-term interests, will lose interest and long-term cooperation platform." Jingdong not only stand firm, action is equally simple. The same day, the Jingdong under pressure on individual businesses to temporarily stop the normal operation or exit activities were punished, among them, a company called Sen’s official flagship store closed shop by the Jingdong, and announced the permanent no longer cooperate.

, however, for Jingdong accused Tmall two choose a statement, Tmall officials have refuted. In August this year, Tmall announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with the more than and 110 group of more than and 160 apparel brands, Tmall will cooperate with the contracting business in the new starting, O2O, data management, star resources, brand marketing and service innovation. Tmall official said that the choice of Jingdong or Tmall, but the rational choice made by businesses themselves.

Ali let Jingdong face reality

last night, Alibaba sent a response to this reporter said, for the problem of competition, the ultimate solution is to allow consumers to choose. "Any competition should face reality, do not change the topic, I believe we can understand"

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