Double 11 the State Council issued a document to promote the transformation of physical retail inno

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electricity supplier in the "double 11" like a raging fire, released the same day in the "Office of the State Council on the promotion of retail innovation and transformation of opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), is to "winter" in the retail entity to infuse a stream.

in the "double 11" this delicate moment shouts behind the retail entity, reflects the government attaches great importance to the retail level. Opinions stressed the importance of physical retail, physical retail is an important basis for the circulation of commodities, is to guide the production and consumption of an important carrier, is the prosperity of the market, an important channel for employment protection.

opinion pointed out that, at present, due to rising operating costs, consumer demand structure adjustment, the rapid development of online retail and many other factors, the development of physical retail is facing unprecedented challenges. At the same time, the "opinions" from the adjustment of business structure, innovation and development, promote cross-border integration of the three aspects of the 9 main tasks of innovation and transformation, and from optimizing the developing environment, puts forward 7 kinds of policies and measures to strengthen the policy support of two aspects.

in fact, the retail entity generally cold in recent years, many in the industry of listed companies also have to adjust their development strategies, and to get involved in the online store, and actively develop new formats are the breakthrough direction of the mainstream.

online and offline integration is the trend of

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statistics, "double 11" major business platform all day long cumulative sales of nearly 180 billion yuan, of which Tmall accounted for 68.2%, 24 hours sales reached 120 billion 700 million yuan, high-profile "hundreds of billions of times, and the Jingdong sales have exceeded 40 billion yuan.


side of the electricity supplier hot, the other side is retail freeze, in recent years has been bad mouthing the retail entity. In the major electricity supplier platform "double 11" on the eve of war, has 132 years of history of the British department store marks and Spencer had to leave Chinese mainland market, while the previous entity department store closed case also can be heard without end.

many people will decline due to the impact of physical retail electricity supplier shocks, in fact, physical retail and virtual electricity supplier is not entirely in conflict with each other. Ma Yun believes that the future is the most important combination of online and offline. He said that after the pure electricity supplier will become increasingly sad day.

the Opinions also suggested that physical retail should promote the integration of online and offline. To establish a standard specification, including the integration of the development of the competition rules, guide retail enterprises to gradually improve the level of information, logistics, service, experience and other advantages and online business flow, capital flow, information flow line integration, development of intelligent and network channel layout. At the same time, encourage the advantages of online and offline enterprises through strategic cooperation, cross shareholding, mergers and acquisitions and other forms of integration of market resources, the development of new online and offline integration of market players.

now, a lot of physical retail companies are also engaged in O2O (online and offline interaction) to explore, such as the Soviet Union business, Lake

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