Short is good the new domain name recommended

new domain name represents a new field, which means that the traditional Internet domain name is being subdivided into various domain names. Experts believe that, in the face of the world’s top domain name fierce competition and dwindling resources, industry domain name is the main direction of the future development of the internet.

compared to.Com and other domain names, the new domain name means a new start, with considerable resource advantages. wouldn’t be difficult to get registered, because.Com registered name has soared to more than 20, but the choice of the new domain name registration, two or even a domain name with extreme ease. For example, once be Google spent tens of millions of dollars to create a great sensation, purchased "".

industry has a famous saying: "short is good." The shorter the higher the value of the new domain name, the new domain name for you to open up a new direction of domain name registration, the first to open up a new era in the domain name industry!

.VC and.SC

a lot of people wanted to be venture capitalists before. In the past ten or twenty years, the United States has invested large sums of money in venture capital companies, most of which are high-tech enterprises that end with ".Com". In recent years, in Europe, Asia and Latin America, venture capital seems to suddenly overnight door open, VC (venture capital) again with single consumption, such as the concept of financial enterprises.

dragon Internet interconnection is now the grand launch of the.VC domain name,.VC domain name is particularly suitable for venture capital network, is the most prominent symbol of venture capital, highlighting the strength and qualifications of your venture capital. At the same time, the introduction of the Dragon west science domain name..SC, the scientific community is very suitable for the SC domain name, improve your reputation for research, to help you continue to progress in the field of science, enjoy the success and happiness of SC. Dragon West in the launch of the.VC and.SC domain name, while the introduction of a variety of domain names. The industry covers 18 categories, such as the new domain name registration restrictions, easy to use, easy to remember, such as venture capital domain name.VC, the market has great potential for appreciation!

.CC and.US

.CC is undoubtedly a rising star in the domain name family, which inherited the descent of the global top-level domain, with.COM,.NET exactly the same nature, function and registration principles. Similar to the COM is short for company, CC is Commercial short for Company. As a powerful supplement to global generic domain names,.CC by the advent of the domain name market is turbulent, the domain name is the typical representative of the domain name was a Losangeles company with a $one million price to buy success. Also, some people think that.Cc is only two even knock the C button when the input, convenient, simple, easy to remember, which is out of the ordinary. It seems that.CC’s popularity is not without reason, and.US is also a product of.Com’s growing depletion, although it is a domain name of the United States

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