How to increase the flow of Google pictures increased 35%

note that this is not a completely rational scientific experiments, there are many factors that affect the click rate, especially ranking. You can get the higher ranking, click rate is relatively higher, so need to pay attention to Google Shanghai Longfeng analysis report "mean position number".

know, I use different lighting and background color pictures, trying to change the picture around the blank light, trying to give the people in the picture with glasses (these can use professional PS processing, the author studied graphic design). Then submitted to Google, with the passage of time, I believe in different clicks will have different improvement.

in recent years, many companies employ many technology to control their web site in the search results, they use 65 – 75 writing eye-catching title tag character; descriptive metadata description; use NOODP and NOYDIR meta tags and use key words rich URL etc. through the control of our fragment in the search results, to greatly possibly improve our click rate and the number of free traffic.

according to the author to understand knowledge, in the Google search results page in the picture is automatically set by Google background, they will direct a part from your G + configuration file interception in the picture, the general picture for position display, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are difficult to change, so only from the background color. The light to change picture.

, a Shanghai Longfeng author picture appears in the search engine results more pages, this is a great victory, but in this victory, to know the author spent much time and energy, the picture can bring effective flow to the site to do what the author? Test.


in search engine optimization report, you can track all your pictures in the Google search results page hits, simply choose from the site using the CTR drop-down, you can use the "set over the function to compare two dates within the scope of the click rate.

but in the era of change, however, Google has now increased its title tag rewriting algorithm, so that the webmaster can no longer predict that title tag fragment shows whether can cause beneficial effects on their optimization. This is Google to compensate for some better form and rich fragment’s fall is optimization in Google + picture.

use Google analytics tracking results of

As shown in figure

from the above picture information, we can see that the final figure settled in the 35% increase in ctr. Compared with the picture before the free flow and, has increased by 35%, imagine if it is through the manual link building, how long does it take to get the same power >



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