How to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a web site

recently, a friend asked me, how to analyze a site’s advantages and disadvantages, and then extends to how to optimize the site and website promotion work? This question is very much within the scope of the proposition, not one or two words can say clear one or two articles. An introduction of this article to bear the general idea of how to analyze how to optimize the website, website, a framework of how to promote the site’s cognitive guidance. That is, this article does not have special skills and details of the steps described, only the "branches".
back analysis of a website has advantages and disadvantages, we don’t stay too much on the site itself, this is not the focus of this paper, we focus on how to promote the Shanghai dragon, from the point of view to analyze the website. You may ask, what is the website of the advantages and disadvantages? Bear that simple site advantage is in line with the company’s development trend, in line with industry characteristics, consistent with the habits of users, that is able to complete your corporate culture, product advantages, industry information through your web site out of a perfect, and "perfect" premise is certainly your website with most visitors taste.

Website Optimization Website on the advantages and disadvantages are analyzed:
first, you need to know the situation of your web site, use the form or document out of your website indicators, such as domain name, space velocity, PR, included, snapshots, friends of the chain, competitor information, website title, keywords etc.;
again from the promotion of view to analyze the website:
first, you need to know what are the promotion way, such as news, forum, blog, micro-blog, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love Shanghai love Wikipedia, know, bidding, advertising etc.;
; in view of the above words, bear.

From the perspective of

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