How to solve the noble baby Webmaster Tools crawl errors

two in the Sitemap, error

, a HTTP

when a page on your site (for example, when users visit your web page in a browser or noble baby BOT grab pages) to your server sends a request, the server returns the HTTP status code in response to a request.


, three redirect error

from the noble staff Susan Moskwa explained: baby

webmaster tools will be divided into two categories: error error (site errors) and web link address error (URL errors). If multiple crawl errors appear on a web site, so you can trust the site down, and even affect the ranking, of course this tool for the love of Shanghai is also effective optimization. So how to solve the noble baby Webmaster Tools capture mistake.


crawl errors is the baby webmaster tools (Webmaster Tools) is one of the most popular tools. It can help you to check the wrong link, not only is the URL link, also for DNS failure, server links, robots.txt documents and other issues, almost all of the site will appear crawl errors.

Sitemap error often cause a 404 error page, or return a 404 error page in the current map, if the 404 error page please check all the links in Sitemap,

BOT stop nobility baby crawling, the best way is to make the web site (such as the old Sitemaps) occurred in 404, when we see a URL several times after 404, noble baby bot will stop crawling.

will continue to grab the nobility baby you’ve deleted Sitemap, this is very depressed, but also has a solution: to ensure that the old Sitemap has been deleted in administrator tools. If you do not want to crawl, ensure the old Sitemap 404 or redirect to the new Sitemap.

some mistakes because of the 301 from the orientation caused by the execution redirection what to pay attention to:

if the 403 state, can not ignore, that is your host to prevent nobility baby BOT crawl. For all the HTTP status code list file, can refer to nobility baby HTTP status code help page.

1: to ensure that they return to the correct HTTP status code.

through the classification error of BOT grab see noble baby know what is the cause of the wrong crawl.

2: make sure that there is no cycle redirection.

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