The site is the cause and treatment measures linked to the phenomenon of the horse

radical from start to close the loopholes, processing method for reference "consumption of resources".

1. backup site.

5. third party tools unreliable: 360 detection and monitoring of small parasol, after a trial in person, are not particularly reliable.

treatment measures

site was linked to horse, the same parts of each page or different parts are linked.

In addition to the The

well, master the measures processing sites linked Enterprises above, believe you should ease in handling the problems in front of the website linked to horse, not because the site horse problem is difficult to solve and give your site, don’t forget why you had to spend money to build a website.

2. regular observation site anomaly.

website front, even the website was also linked to horse, the site administrator after the landing site, found the login screen garbled, management interface to get recognition.

corporate website is linked to the horse

site was linked to horse, is a very difficult thing to solve. Eon IDC information summed up the general enterprise website linked to horse phenomenon, causes and treatment methods, the hope of your site help.

4. Windows server to install the patch regularly.

enterprise website is linked to the horse reason:

How to prevent the

found that the site was linked to horse, is generally two solutions: the first is to find the source, through the roots, because it is very difficult, unable to quickly locate the pathogen. Most of the first second measures from the start, such as delete malicious code pages linked to horse, from home to. A home is hanging easier to handle, is difficult to deal with Taiwan before and after the entire site are hung, is more difficult to deal with the malicious code, the destruction of the original program, causing irreversible changes. This situation is encountered, to restore the backup. If the database has also been a large number of horse, the database will restore the original state.

The Methods

enterprise website is linked to the horse phenomenon:

enterprise website is linked to the horse:

to solve the horse, we take a look at how it is linked to the horse. The horse, is the site administrator account hackers to get through various means, and then visit the web site back to the page to add malicious code. Can also be obtained directly through the weak password server or FTP site, and then directly to the web page directly modify. When the user visits a malicious code is added to the page, it will automatically be turned to address access or download trojan virus.

3. to change the password regularly (FTP password, website administrator password server remote login password).

home is horse, such as the bottom, at the top of a row of links, content for the guns and ammunition, pornography etc..


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