Shanghai Dragon Well phased plan to help enhance the stability of the site

Shanghai Longfeng generally have several stages which

after the above three stages of a station, "

is the first to understand a truth is, keyword ranking is the emergence of the entire website weight is to improve the process, it is not possible to remove the process, the direct result of the pursuit of. But the weight this stuff we can not directly see that if the Shanghai dragon target stage? Actually, because the general ranking, the website must go through the following three stages: 1, site indexed by search engines; 2, the website has a stable snapshot; 3 the content of the website, consistently included. This is the day we can through the tools to check, use them as a reference standard planning stage goal, let each website search engine is updated to become clear objectives, the operator can not bear too much psychological pressure.

1, website search engine included: for new sites, search engines generally remain in less than a week, the length of time to look at the web server, attract spider crawling outside the chain of quality, and to determine the value of the site itself. Specific operation method is to Submit search engine, and then go to the chain bait to attract the spider crawling, according to the test of several sites, search engine submission of this step can be omitted, but for a hedge or the first, submit the insurance, a little.

2, the website home page has a stable snapshot: for new sites, let the website home page has a stable snapshot after the first condition is to be included in search engines, web sites need to be updated every day, especially home. The specific method is that you can hang on the home page of each article list, so that when we update the article, home page can be automatically updated.

do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng owners more or less will have such a misunderstanding, that is too much focus on the keyword ranking. This is not what is wrong, but the face of the search engine every time you update your keyword ranking does not have what change, do you feel very helpless, very disappointed? Do Shanghai dragon is not the biggest obstacle to what technical problems but not controllable search engine itself according to the psychological pressure. Do the stage plan, let each update has a clear goal to make Shanghai Longfeng progress in their own hands, to a large extent avoid such pressure, it is very necessary for the whole of Shanghai Longfeng work.


how to realize the phases of

3, the content of the website can be sustained and stable to be included, to reach this stage that the website has achieved the trust of the search engine on the right track, to keep the content can continue to be included, the only way is constantly adding new content, in addition to the amount of the chain for the website, let the whole the website looks, is a "live" website, so as to get the continuous trust search engine.


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