30 years ago to start a business the four time the biggest pain is to know that he was wrong

editor’s note: This is for scouring pawnshops founder Wang entrepreneur reporter about his entrepreneurial experience. This is his fourth venture, 10 years before, he tasted the joy of millions of financing, also too penniless failure. The article is very long, but the small series is not willing to delete too much. Wang Yi’s experience from a green hand too sentimental fell somersault, to get the results of strategic investment partners and the differences of opinions, and Reflection on the management of the company, his heavy sentiment, we want to get a more comprehensive show to all in the business on this road counterparts.

1, the company has done, management must pay attention to. The soldiers must put in management positions, you not only a few soldiers, but also more than a will.

2, those who let you fall into the bottom of the valley, and often will push you to the high point of power, this power may be people, objects or potential.

3, no corporate culture is the most deadly. The execution of the team is strong, if all the work is to complete the performance indicators, it is still lacking spirit of cooperation. A strong ability is good, but if he is not the one with the entire team, he told the team harm may be greater.


a year ago, when I know the scouring pawn of this company, they are still at the planning stage, has got blue Chi investment. Founder Wang Yi was born in 1983, has started 10 years, claiming to be old guns".

contact him at that time, Wang Yizheng busy with hock line to establish contact, do not want to talk about. Until this time before the Spring Festival, he sat down with me about scouring pawn. This is a traditional pawn forfeited goods sell to help borrowers and to a website. Plainly, the king wanted to get a present popular Internet financial. But P2P is unsecured loans, scouring pawnshops relying on the line under the pawn, need to pledge.

this is the fourth time that Wang has started a business. Big moment he broke into the SP industry, and later also made mobile download tools and cosmetics electricity supplier. Although the top VC’s favor, but these projects have drawn the short straw, or even the end of poverty. Wang said that the first three entrepreneurs, he almost made mistakes, fell into countless pits. For more than 10 years, he does not belong to any faction, experienced the joy of financing tens of millions of dollars, have tasted the taste of failure after penniless. That afternoon, Beijing is no haze, outside the window is covered with blue sky, our conversation was become heavy.

people: pain is not strong strong, when will make

in 2002, Wang is a freshman at a university in Nanjing, he caught up with the eve of the big SP shine. An accidental opportunity, he will write a program to receive a SP technology outsourcing activities, the establishment of a system to push weather forecast information. It made him 20 thousand dollars. But the check, the other said to him, "you have to register the company, to remit to personal tax is too high, and the system needs to daily maintenance."


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