Say a few points of enterprise website optimization

positioning. Our product is the keyword keyword is, love Shanghai index was about 700-900. It is not too high. After the main keyword and affiliated keywords and keyword related analysis. We put the site title positioning in tire pressure monitoring _ tire pressure monitoring device _ monitoring system TPMS- Fujian Bohr Technology Co. ltd.. This can reflect the main keyword can reflect the affiliated keyword. Basically three aspects both.


entry to the company now has nearly half a month’s time. The company has been responsible for the website optimization this one. This half a month can also be done right, website keyword from more than 100 to rise more than 20, basically every day rose about 5. Here is not what knowledge sharing on the tall, just share what I do. I hope to see God can give points, see the white as we communicate together.

two: website original article. Do the optimization of the people know that content is king, the chain for the emperor. In fact, I think the content is really too important, I think the content of a web site for at least seven layer optimization. Only good original articles in order to reflect the value of a website. If the user in the website to see all the same garbage article, the residence time of 15 seconds are not even. It also indirectly proved your poor user experience, search engines will be evaluated according to your user experience on your website. You don’t have the keyword user acceptance, your keyword ranking will naturally go up. Even if you are a day release 10-20 of the original article is the same, the quality is the key. A good article, users love affects the search engine recognition, plus a reasonable layout of keyword. When customers love sea search keywords, the search engine will naturally good content to reach your keyword ranking naturally go up.

said to write some original skills here: 1, we do product key enterprises. This is actually very good writing. From the performance of the product, the user, the advantages and disadvantages, market prospects, technical parameters and so on many aspects to write. Write more details, the number of words in the 600-1000 word almost, with pictures (add picture description). If the original ideas did not know how to write. You can go on foreign website translation and then converted to understand the meaning of their own language. But some people say the foreign way to read and write and we are not the same as to write down the sentence No. All right, we can go to a foreign Chinese search engine to find the article, such as Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan. Their grammar and us.


Before the

website is to ask others to do the website is not conducive to dynamic optimization, but the boss and ditch by. But our new boss and dared not ask too much, so I decided to do it again after the site to ask. Now the website keyword ranking more than 20, with only half a month. Has been very stable. Now share what I do:

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