Shanghai dragon and search marketing is playing a marketing

so do Shanghai Longfeng friends must use a variety of methods to enhance the company brand image, such as people in the company you know your products after feeling good, is to buy the occasion. Search a company or a certain brand in the search engine, if you are not in the search engine to bury your positive information of the enterprise, the user may be disappointed, generally as long as you are a big brand companies, many people used your products will certainly leave a comment on your marks in various places, if completely blank words may allow users to have a trace of doubt, if you can be in love in Shanghai know, Search ask, love Shanghai library, forum or have your positive comment on some well-known news source, now users will trust you more enterprise.

search marketing, the biggest drawback is that it is a passive marketing method, waiting for others to come to you, in others to come to you when you are already buried in answer to other users to find you? Users search in the search engine every time inside, that it was looking for an answer, the answer is not to fall in love with the sea, not long out of the ground, but some businesses have prophetic vision that you have this need, had the answers you want to buried in the search engine for you to find it. In fact, now the search engine has been far more than an information query function, as people rely on the search engines continue to rise, the search engine has risen to help people make decisions. If I want to buy this brand of products, will be in the search engine to ask how a certain brand, how, what is the evaluation of others, if it is good or positive, then we trust immediately rose. If it is negative then we will hesitate.

it collected all with cold related issues, but also through the name of major Q & a platform to spread their companies and brands, and the content to your site layout. Almost as long as you search with flu related keywords, basically it will appear in the search engine information, and this is a accumulation of information. Three years five years may be retained in there, and you in the forum post, you send a post in the classified information, you are in the B2>

tell us about a case, look at how the answer for marketing, a cold medicine manufacturers, it become the key marketing around such a point. Is that you can eat cold medicine? It said means that you understand the way to eat cold medicine, not the people can not eat cold medicine. If you go to the pharmacy to buy cold medicine, who sell drugs will not tell you these, people will pick the most expensive cold medicine for you. But you do not know their own suitable for eating this kind of cold medicine, the company discovered this point, put this issue to break down. For example, women can not eat cold medicine containing what elements, women can not eat what kind of cold medicine in the period when, what can not eat cold medicine during pregnancy. 1-10 eat what kind of cold medicine, children can not spring, summer eat cold medicine method and so on are not the same as what.

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