Shanghai Longfeng webmaster summary ten coping love Shanghai not included experience on

I found the new


10 days or so, love Shanghai or not included my site on the release of two snapshots of my previous is not new, the reason is still in the analysis of

love Shanghai space, Sina blog, blog, blog, Sohu, NetEase, Phoenix blog blog free resources in these very high weight, can do sprocket, mutual connection between them, and put your master links into these blogs do single. The connecting between blog and blog the rest, the formation of a strong relationship between the chain wheel. Update and maintain the


if there are some high PR value of the site with each other, so do the site will be included is very good, and the observation period up to 7 days, this is a friend of my website experience. I found his website a lot of PR value at about 3 of the business website with him, so his new snapshot is updated every day

2. love Shanghai observation period

frequently modify site title

new love Shanghai observation period is generally 21 days, my site is included in 21 days, but not very good rankings, because the website changed the title in the 21 days before the change of two words, I love Shanghai to put on the front page of the site down to third pages.

attract spider! The

website has been two months, in the two months to feel is very deep, I stand up to now have not been restored. I summarize my opinion website snapshot update too slow and the new observation period:

Author: Zhang Shouzhi from the Beijing Shanghai dragon Zhang Shouzhi Shanghai dragon blog www.zsz贵族宝贝 please indicate the author reproduced. A5 Adsense nets start me is not easy, when you reprint appreciate me as a novice webmaster. Thank you


4. site outside the chain

site title frequent changes to your web site is love Shanghai right down, even by the K, these are possible, but sometimes we have to modify the site title, keyword, and description of all this happened on my website, I as a novice Shanghai dragon people are experiencing these stationmaster, love Shanghai the observation period of torture, and the site is down right without recovery torture. On my mind is tested.

! in Haifa mercy

5. wheel

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