Analysis of construction quality chain seven principles

three content related principle

content is king, this topic is about the bad, really do very well but not much, have become such a lot of friends and there is some evidence, just a search we can find some of the content is not very good, but because the link between the rankings but very good website, this kind of phenomenon that we have focused on the outside chain ignore the content itself. However, dig root, good content will make the website weight so as to bring up the high quality of the chain, or the chain chain, but no matter how good it is impossible to bring about high quality content for the website, content is king is the fundamental of virtuous cycle.

four external links to extensive

The source of Extensive

two: the construction of the chain more difficult, is

outside of the chain, actually refers to the site outside the chain not too single, a normal web site outside the chain may not only exist Links, or there is only from the blog link, should be the natural state of various random chain is widely considered. For example, if a detailed classification, probably attributed to the following situations "

in search of the chain, the content is very important, the construction site outside the chain should be registered in both inside and outside the industry chain, for example, find industry forum, industry portals and access the same industry people’s blog and message and so on, when the information industry around the large and small forum blog, you will suddenly find that the chain high quality has a lot.

: a construction site outside the chain of "content is king, the chain for"

all Shanghai dragon Er did two points, the original content and the chain. The two key to do it very time-consuming. And many times the chain we do a lot of investment, income is very small. However, the more the chain spent more time and effort is valuable, it is not easy to get a one-way links high weight website, to communicate with each other to get many times, or many times without result. I have optimized a car rental website is so, find a lot of high weight website and other links, the first time are not successful, spent about three weeks and a few stationmaster friends get a few two links. It is this two is not easy to link exchange website after two weeks ranked by more than 80, straight up to more than 10. See the front rank feeling to rise also value.

all have Er Shanghai dragon headache this problem, even now there are people in the most headache. That is the "chain", a more accurate "high quality chain". Although the network such as the sea, but really let us surge in the chain where it is not easy to find, if the rapid development site outside the chain, where messages can be effective outside the chain of high quality, we are paying more attention to the question. Share with you not to release the chain address today, and follow the principle of the chain method, as the saying goes "give a man a fish, as delegate to fish" today we get together to discuss what to do outside the chain of seven principles.

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