The reason of frequent K station on September in Shanghai love

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fourth, the construction of the chain: for the construction of the chain may you step by step, you may use mass software! But, back to a fundamental point is that we want a normal optimization, don’t cheat, otherwise it will die very miserable! I like this, we all know that the management in the forum outside the chain sometimes very strict motionless delete or K, once I see my competitor is doing (site color and background as the administrator to see our technique of cheating) and he was ranked very good! Then I learnt his results now website K!

, the first web site: a comprehensive revision is deep in the site a comprehensive revision of the station was much K because of the revision of the site in the station know believe that under the condition of low weight revision is easy to K some old webmaster friends do, unless you stand very high weight even if the revision, the search engine on your site’s credibility is very high, but the situation cannot but don’t change

Hello, happy National Day! Love Shanghai frequent adjustment in September has passed, in October began to rely on these, we love! Make a living in Shanghai grassroots webmaster is often about love in Shanghai in the past September, every act and every move! Love Shanghai constantly fight constantly garbage station, K station, continue to adjust some aspects of the user experience! This is the growth in the sad and helpless in September constantly! Sad is only to see the site was K, the user experience is very important, but is looking at his station one blocked! So, in this September I had seen what? The greatest feeling is about the love of Shanghai K station, K station in Shanghai in September that love is often the case, sometimes love sea K off a few days back, back again a few K! This friend optimized station The following is the same situation! I will discuss from several aspects of love Shanghai why frequent K

third, the user experience on the user experience that often mix in the webmaster site will know what the user experience will be the future direction of development of the important Shanghai dragon! The author itself, I built the single page station, we all know that a single page station has the disadvantage that if not home manually update it is difficult to have a snapshot of the update, so the search engine will think your website is often not update, will lead to K station, there is a disadvantage of single page station is difficult to produce high PV, PV is always judging whether a station with good development according to the station if you! PV is very low or jump out rate is very large, you need to pay attention to the

second, blunt add keywords: to be honest I stand of the revision is I insert some key words in the article, perhaps, you can maintain the station in Shanghai love home 2 to 3 months, but with the intelligent search engine, I believe that soon your station always can not escape the K fate! This is everybody the user experience, users see this article you say they will love

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