Understanding of search marketing trends to find website optimization direction

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search engine has effectively improved the efficiency of Internet users, but also to change people’s Internet habits, whether it is a traditional PC Internet or mobile Internet, search engines will become an important consumer Internet entrance, in other words, if we do site optimization to Shanghai Longfeng workers by optimizing their own website, let the Internet website to occupy the entrance, as a user browsing the target, actually this kind of job is a kind of network marketing search.

search engine optimization concept of Shanghai dragon since its occurrence, it caused a lot of so-called experts of wide interest to optimize the site through search engines like, enhance the website ranking, the network becomes another wonderful scenery, but in such a beautiful scenery, but because of the optimization and shortcut black hat optimization of all kinds, has let Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers feel more and more difficult to optimize, the work has become more and more difficult, an important reason for this phenomenon is caused by the optimization of workers has not mastered the future development trend of search engine marketing.

personalized search application optimization has the brand awareness of

but in the open search engine application, more and more search engines began to search the user search experience as an important basis for ranking, love Shanghai thumb, 360 have their thumb and middle finger, the user will have their own opinions on the use of search engines, these opinions often make search engines decide one of the important basis of the user experience, from this point on, if only to deceive the search engine optimization, obviously can not meet the future open search engine application mode, so the majority of Shanghai Longfeng optimize the authors, quickly return to normal track optimization, otherwise your website will be encountered in Waterloo.

user experience has been a part of search engine attaches great importance to, in the search engine optimization is a part of the previous guidelines very stressed, but often this optimization staff always have a lot of chances, because the site to improve the user experience of the website, need to do a lot of work, and in a short time. Can not see the results, if the number of Shanghai dragon company to do optimization optimization, if there has been no effect, it may lose the order, so always on user experience to do some simple work surface, and more is to proceed from the chain.

open search application optimization pay more attention to the user experience

from foreign search engine development mode, more and more advocate personalized search, search engines can according to different users use Internet habits, to provide targeted results, that is to say different people the same keywords tend to have different results, this intelligent search has embodied by Google and Facebook, although the maturity is not so high, but it is enough to show the direction of search engine. < >

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