On the five gradually improve website ranking method

is to enhance the site’s ranking, of course, should pay attention to search engine trends, of course, we can not frequent attention every day, several times in the search engine rankings included and analysis, that was a waste of time, usually a week of time is enough, and then find the reason and spend a week to improve, and then analysis, and then improve, through such a cycle to gradually improve their site ranking

The chain

spider can not come to see you, the content of the website has not been updated, and this update must be long-term, stable, can’t today updated a dozen, then a week did not change, doing so would love Shanghai spiders are very disgusted, your website snapshot time will slowly more and more long, your website ranking will slowly fall, so the website content updates without, but also need high quality content to

We do

nature is to go beyond the others, so it is necessary to know in, through the website of the competitor analysis, find the defects and advantages, and then their advantage into our advantage, their disadvantages are also transformed into our advantage, so that our website will surpass your logical of course, analysis of competitors, competitors are not too frequent, after all, we have a lot of time in the specific work on

three: the daily updates can not be less

four: steady improvement in the quality and quantity of the chain website

five: continuously improve the user experience of

two: competitor analysis site


put this on the last one, because we are mainly for the website ranking, if it is to do the regular site, so to enhance the user experience will be the first.

: learn to analyse the website included and ranking

Since we

site is very important, sometimes even more important than the content, so the construction of the chain is long, through the analysis of the competition to find a shortcut to the construction of the chain, but also need to continue to write the article published, and then get some high weight site outside the chain, but also pay attention to the diversification of foreign the chain, the chain that is love love Shanghai! Will give your site to give a higher weight, natural ranking will steadily

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often do like sailing against the current, we will enhance our website ranking, don’t keep, only forward, or you will be a competitor to drag off, but gradually enhance the site’s ranking of the difficulty of everyone because you’re working hard as can be imagined, while others are hard, but there is no shortcut to improve website ranking, only insisted that so, if you want to be able to gradually enhance the site’s ranking, the only strategy is to insist again, of course, some methods are unavoidable, let the author to introduce the method of website ranking five lifting

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