Shanghai dragon Cup analysis of the abnormal case love Shanghai snapshot title display

before the "reason" website: love Shanghai snapshot deleted, we found that the knowledge of computer network is a snapshot of the next day, but the snapshot title but showed "computer knowledge network", but the correct title is "computer knowledge website | EEG | computer basic knowledge of introductory knowledge – I love" to the knowledge of computer network. In front of the case analysis said, this site is due by robots shielding, while the snapshot is through Links to maintain and update the robots shielding site also has been removed for a week or more but included did not come back.

love Shanghai snapshot title display abnormal case analysis, found the Shanghai dragon cup cup today blogs have love Shanghai snapshot title display is not normal in yesterday, this time is different, Shanghai dragon cup blog only on the line for a week, although love Shanghai included only included the home page of the website, but in the same day on-line snapshot at the beginning of the update, the snapshot is 8-5, then the second update snapshot Wednesday night 8-10, now is a snapshot of the 8-11 last night, but the snapshot update, site title display is not normal, the problem that there are also friends met, now the cup come together and solve this problem.

according to the above two different sites, we can clearly see the same place and different places, why computer knowledge nets have rid robots shielding a week, included had not come back? We clearly see that the update frequency of computer knowledge network is very unstable.

1, two website love Shanghai snapshot that cause abnormal title is due by robots shielding.

3, computer network knowledge age is about 4 months, Shanghai dragon cup blog stand age is about 7 days.

two website:

so in this case, Shanghai dragon cup blog would also like this, but the cup Shanghai dragon blog Links just three, and did not like the knowledge of computer network has 20 Links to maintain Oh, so this is why? The cup to and home compare these two sites:

The difference of the Case analysis of

2, the two sites are the next day, but the title is displayed is not normal, but not to update the display Title Update snapshot.

two website:

caseThe same Most of the

1, Links computer knowledge network 10-20. The Google PR is about 1-3; the cup Shanghai dragon blog Links only 3, Google PR is respectively 0, 1, 3.

included 3, two websites are reduced to a.


2, computer network knowledge chain is BBS signature of the chain; the chain cup Shanghai Longfeng blogs is soft outside the chain, most are reproduced.

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