Shanghai dragon Er need to master the anchor text optimization techniques

3, the internal anchor text

if you want to improve the site’s ranking, need some necessary conditions for the existence, the anchor text is an important point which is indispensable to the anchor text is evaluated to another page, if the article appeared in the word "Shanghai dragon", while the word is a link to the A site. That is to tell the search engine A site contains the words "Shanghai dragon", this article and the Shanghai dragon search engine also related to the A site to increase the degree of attention, it is directly related to the site’s ranking website, so I want to have a good ranking, be sure to make good use of the anchor text. I give you some anchor text optimization techniques.

1, how to use the anchor text

2, the diversification of the anchor text

anchor text not only for external sources, internal anchor text links are equally important, this will involve skills of internal link optimization, if the chain optimization is not too familiar with the webmaster friends, you can search for related articles in A5; also try to link keywords on our website when we were doing internal anchor the text, do not try to optimize, itself a "home" have been in our optimization into the target keywords "Shanghai dragon", and will not allow search engines to pay more attention to this word, it will make the search engine that is cheating, may > serious

may be a bit based website optimization friends all know, in the usual update web content may we encounter in this article very strong correlation, then we need to put these related content into this article, it will use the anchor text, the keywords of these articles are recorded I like down in the A5 Adsense online submissions of articles "industry website how to search keywords" ask the promotion "Soso Ask promotion" so I need to add in the text of this article links can be used to find a lot of people put relevant content directly into a "more" and "click" invalid anchor text, anchor text that has no real meaning to avoid.

although the anchor text will increase the weight of the site, so as to enhance the web site in the search engine rankings, but we still have to beware of excessive optimization, such as the repetition of a keyword in the anchor text, such as "Shanghai dragon" of the word, as far as possible to avoid all the anchor text links the word, can anchor the text of the flexible use of "Shanghai dragon skills" of the same type, to search engine showing a natural display layout, the anchor text length of the best control in 10 characters, it is best not to a word appears two anchor text links, links to the source text as brief as possible; also do not always several sites in the same in addition to the anchor text, so the search engine brings aesthetic fatigue, this site every day is from the same anchor text, what do we need? Diversification to collect more resources to meet the needs of the search engine.

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