The latest seven reasons K website search engine

collective stationThis is because !

website content will be within a few days into tens of thousands of articles from the one or two articles, which will naturally cause the attention of the search engine, according to common sense, a person or a team, can not be a day to update so much content, in addition to the software collection is not.

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often do Links, and other web sites are K, and the depth of the K off, the friends of the chain if you do and this site, then love Shanghai according to the rules of the Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. your site was involved, light will be right again K

two: website frequently

five: Web content acquisition too much, an article published on the website of

site is much K because of the website, especially the template change, change the path changes and the operation of the site keywords is taboo, especially the abrupt change tends to cause a devastating blow to the web, we can gradual change through quantitative change to qualitative change, rather than once finished, this is equivalent to your web site into a new website, so your website is not what the natural ranking, even included are difficult to

Love Shanghai and !

three: K

recently carried out an update, and many sites suffered a big blow, the original ranking in a top of the fall into the abyss, even in the search results behind dozens of pages, which makes a lot of traffic station of Shanghai of this discipline hardly wished to live. love, great efforts, but many are the stationmaster of punishment which are mostly don’t know what I did wrong, caused by the problem of K, the key is now love Shanghai for personal Adsense website requirements to be more strict, we are going to talk about the effects of new stations are eight factors of K

now the chain of high quality is very difficult, most of the chain are not for long-term preservation, there can only be a few days, so for a web site, the chain is always in constant change, if you are outside of the chain chain because of too much garbage, the garbage the chain is easy to be lost, it will cause the chain to reduce the problem, if you can not timely supplement, it is very easy to think of your website management, so as to reduce the weight of your site

: the stability of the site is not good

this is a lot neglected, such as domain name registrar some Adsense application itself is not stable, often attacked, causing the site is not open, there is many webmaster for the sake of cheap, choose the relatively poor quality of the server, the server or frequent downtime, or is it hacker attacks, even by the horse, which leads to their site in a very unstable state, although for a period of time will have ranking, if the stability is not guaranteed, this ranking is down quickly!

four: the chain lost too fast

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