The website of Shanghai dragon two details you can not be ignored

There is a very important thing is the meta description tags !

how to make your website is search engine in favor of

good! Cut to the chase, has been struggling to study Shanghai dragon, the research can be found more feel know less, I think this change is most webmaster friends have problems,

two home


on the "51" Labor Day! The number of how many are still on the way of the idealist is still in a bitter struggle!

slowly, we always believe that "these four words go ahead, God helps those who help themselves!

now there was a saying that the meta tag is not very important, I think this kind of understanding is not accurate, because any search engine only to understand your website through two ways, one is the title tag, and the other one is the meta description tags, the same way, we have been struggling to study in Shanghai the dragon, while our website is only through these two methods in the search engine, meta description tags more detailed introduction of our site information, in the end is to do a website what, let the user know who you are and what you want to achieve from the click rate, click rate is because we have a wonderful in the issue of concern, the reason is very simple, words do not know

search engine rankings for your website. "

Never mind, just a little bit of accumulation that you know will always be from negative to zero. Today I would like to Shanghai, one of the aspects of the learning experience to share.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

"in two place is easy to do the Shanghai dragon friend ignored: a meta description tags, the other is a home

1, prepared meta description tags should try to control the number of words in 70 words, preferably not more than 70 words, and in those 70 words must express refining, and reflects the website content clear.


2, the meta description tag to bring your web site keywords, search engine is also looking for love he needs the keyword

3, the most important point, must reflect your creative thinking, can not be stereotyped writing meta description tags, if you really want to do not come out, there is a very simple method, is to find the same and your website, the integration of resources to find your inspiration

if a website title tag is the title, the meta description tag is the tag, and the meta description tag has a very good advantage is that it can describe more specific and can show more words, you can look at Google which website, the original label is blue words of black text.

but we are doing meta description tags should also pay attention to some problems, I listed for reference:

is a meta description tag


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