Zhang Jianfei on the optimization of site URL specification

site before the line should do on the basis of this, to avoid later modification leads to distrust engine, Shanghai dragon is a focus on the details of the work, a small detail is often the key to success. Remind Shanghai dragon ER in here to focus on optimizing the work station, the first Lianhaoneigong, go to practice doing. In this paper, by Zhang Jianfei (www.semanswer.net) original, please respect the original signature,

below is some of the common URL weight:

first to determine the preferred domain, if it is to take the WWW domain name as the preferred domain, can be determined using 301 preferred domain. To determine the preferred domain, using the absolute URL address, directory name website can use pinyin or English to name, but also contains the relevant keywords, is a good way to see the file name to know this page provides what kind of content. The same URL can also use pinyin or English to name. The next step is to URL static processing, URL processing because the path out of the dynamic parameters of the URL path, avoiding the problem of repeated grasping, spider crawling difficulties and crawl speed, there is a dynamic URL long path parameter is not conducive to the search engines crawl, let alone included. Have to do is determine the uniqueness of the path, ensure that each page requires only one access to URL or only a URL search engine crawling, the excess should be blocked (you can use robots to screen out some such as dynamic URL address), to avoid the same data is repeatedly crawl and included decreased weight.

website weight is a topic of Shanghai dragon ER often talked about, in the time of the site, most of Shanghai Longfeng ER will do a 301 redirect to the website operation, to determine the preferred domain, this operation is a manifestation of the URL specification. Then Zhang Jianfei and share URL specification is mainly optimized from what.

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