A common misunderstanding when do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice

just started to contact Wangzhuan novice friends because of Wangzhuan is not very understanding, so there may be some idea or some most probably it did not actually happen customary practice, so it is necessary to some basic principles in understanding the Wangzhuan Oh, that is 100 and no harm to do wangzhuan.

1, change or delete the

has just started to do Wangzhuan friends may have a bad habit to see on-line to delete or change. It is easy to be convicted of cheating. Do you think that the company does not know? In fact, when you click on the registration link, your online information has been sent to the company in the form of Web parameters, and archived in the database. At this time you changed the computer software, a comparison, I know you are cheating. The company is not your temporary pipe, you don’t know it. Please. A lot of people will be your title, now know why? In fact, there is absolutely no need to change the line, I have repeatedly said that the line is not the slightest impact off their income, but also can help you succeed, you go or not less detours in Wangzhuan Road, part of the company also provides on-line the rebate, instead of what he means? What’s more, you change and delete the line, the line is visible, don’t think you changed the line do not know, I want you to know that certain on-line are no longer willing to provide you with any information. Besides, you will be sure to develop their own line after doing this, if you are offline so you will be happy?

2, registration form fill in

original registration table can be filled, the registration of multiple account cheating friends in particular must be. But also fill in certain rules, some make friends think it is just fill in fill in chant, address: adfjkd; f’sfe: sdfefw, city, postal encoding written 123456, this place? This address? I think that is, although you can fill in an address, but like an address. The name of a name, don’t let others think that there isn’t this


3, registered as a developed country

as a member of the developed countries can really get more and more opportunities to make money, but we think the foreigners too simple. To make the network will be based on your Internet IP address of where you are from (including national, provincial and even city), foreigners can not? This is a typical kind of cheating, when you receive the company will handle your click Wangzhuan, and ultimately a sieve. By the way, there are some of us who earn money to study abroad, and these friends can be registered as citizens of their place without any trouble. If you really want to register as developed countries or not, you specifically developed countries IP to register, which is used to register the agent, but do well on your own, this is taking a certain risk, is not recommended for novice friends in this way, or honest. Good oh.

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