On the Google search results from the index database or remove content

(2) 404 or 41>

therefore, to remove content from the Google index library, then these content links have to be spider crawling, the content link robots file cannot be shielded, can be processed through the following 3 ways:

through the introduction above, it is to illustrate the content of Google removed from the index database and removed from search results, are two different concepts; removed from the content of the index library is certainly not displayed in the search results, but removed from the search results in the content, may exist index database in, it will affect our effective index of the amount of statistics on the website.

delete URL from Google webmaster tools, or use the robots file of a certain type of shielding spiders crawl links, then Google will naturally will delete the content from the index library, surely there are a lot of people think of it, including me, but in fact this is not entirely correct.

then use the robots file of a certain type of shielding spiders crawl links, can prevent Google from indexing these links, but you have to look at the robots file is used in the Google index these links before the screen, or in the Google index these links before using the robots file of the shield, two kinds of mode of operation effect is different. For the first, in the Google index these links before using the robots file you do not want to be blocked grab link, then this link will not be as grab, not to mention will be included into the Google index database; for the second, use the robots file a shield link types in the Google index of the links after this type of link will still exist in the Google index database, but is no longer a spider crawling these links in the search results will not show these links, but also can let the spider crawling quantity limited to grab more meaningful links.

in the < page; head> add < code; meta name=" robots" content=" Noindex, follow" > prevent page indexed


first, Google administrator delete URL is the main tool used to delete two types of Web site: a 404 error. The other is a spider, a lot of climbing in the log file from the invalid address (website internal links, link parameters etc.). When we submit the deletion of these two kinds of address, can these two types of address is no longer displayed in search results. But in the search engine index library, for a specific HTTP return code 404 Not Found page is no longer exists in the index database; and for the second kinds of spider climb take a large number of invalid address, is in fact still exists in the index database.

meta tag

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