Case analysis the update frequency is not correct the site right down

before This is the weight of

please indicate the source!

can be seen from above, when 15, actually most of the words are different degrees of decline, resulting in 19 even drop weight! And then gently and wonder what went wrong, turn the love Shanghai statistics read, analysis found No. 15 index of the amount actually soared

!After The main reason for the

found that when I come back from this Monday, a target keyword on my website actually fell to the one hundred outside (the source of traffic to our website most is to rely on the words, now lost, crying dead)


in the gentle view, should lead to a drop in the frequency of updates, because the basic optimization are similar, and the number of the chain is used almost, is to adhere to the update, I love Shanghai to estimate the ranking is in decline because of my examination, has been updated every day, suddenly the day is not updated, may spider is not used, you will think this site is now no one care?, this problem, suggest that you keep updating it


also lost weight, estimation is mainly the keywords ranking off, resulting in decreased weight flow decreased by

!The original

of the problem is that my boss to go on a business trip, then I didn’t work for a week, did not send the chain, update the news, you know

saw the index, I could not help but think of another question, because the site in November, found the site included in the tender has been dropped, but the decline is not large, off a bit every day, but I love to open Shanghai statistics read the index, share every day is on the increase, it reminds me of one thing, because the most basic is not original, copy and paste, so gentle that may lead to the reasons for the decline of the website is too repetitive, although all are included, but didn’t put out, then I think last week I the article did not update the index rise, why so horrible? Why ranking out so badly? After this week, I want to fall in love with the sea index estimates before the confiscation of Don’t put out the book, plus love Shanghai data should also have problems, then this week, and I still do optimization before, to update the article every day, do well in the station anchor text, every hair 2 outside the chain under the guidance of the spider, yesterday day Shanghai update, I suddenly found the keywords ranking fast recovery

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