Drop the car right portal Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis after only three months to restore weight 5

diagnosis and to execute the proposal, not long after the weight began to rise:

this question, the webmaster very puzzled, so they were about half a month, the results were observed in the observation site or not recovered traces. And the reason, then the owners found the A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team and cooperation of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, after finally know the reason: the site is not the love of Shanghai It is without rhyme or reason. punishment, but because the Shanghai dragon is not good at cheating, resulting in incorrect optimization and don’t know, causing serious problems to the website at present, the site is down right! Only after less than three months time, the weight began to recover in 5 weight, more gratifying: website not only restore the weight, webmaster from Shanghai Longfeng proposal to enhance the diagnosis ability, coupled with the A5 team Shanghai Phoenix guide is a stone carving of three




Figure after recovery

diagnosis of reason: the end of May, car portal is love Shanghai serious drop right, from the weight of the 5 dropped to 1, resulting in a serious decline in traffic and ranking. Drop right after observation for about half a month, the site is still not restored traces. After finding the A5 Shanghai dragon team Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, diagnosis after the implementation of the proposal for a week, the weight began to rise in September to restore weight marks! 5, currently at the peak of weight! Very satisfied customers, we have cooperation Shanghai dragon Advisory Service

in order to protect customers’ privacy, we can not accurately broke the customer specific website address, but every case of customer, are real



June, July has not recovered:

down the right information:

A5 official Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services: 贵族宝贝admin5.cn/ /zhenduan/ , A5 consulting Shanghai dragon; Huang Zhong QQ:3870284

. At the end of May

at the end of May, a black in the end of the month. On this day, a car portal is love Shanghai severely punished, and the result is 5 of the weight of the site down to 1. At this moment, the operation of this portal webmaster want to all dare not to think, has always been one of weight are quite good, but also in the optimization and remain in a proper sphere, what kind of cheating has not done, but not very good at what little outside Shanghai dragon, what a good website suddenly be punished It is without rhyme or reason. love Shanghai?



To enhance the effect of

we look at historical data:


: website weight screenshots of

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