Analysis of several different cases of the site being punished phenomenon


first: optimization excessive punishment. In the development of the Internet, the webmaster to Shanghai dragon is the only method as optimization Website optimization, so often there will be site optimization excessive, leading to the site being punished, for such sites, search engine will give what kind of punishment? First, the site was plucked, a search engine update site included will be a lot less, this phenomenon is the site to be plucked, and it is also the site optimization excessive punishment. Second, reduce the number of site outside the chain, often in the forum to see the webmaster asked why his site outside the chain to reduce thousands, then you should think about is their optimization is not excessive, this is a site is down right, or pay attention to optimization efforts. Third, keywords ranking drop, in order to improve the keywords ranking, the number of keywords in the site appears a lot, often lead to the existence of excessive phenomenon of optimization, keywords declined, to query keyword density is too high, so as not to be punished cannot recover.

again: space unsafe to be punished. Site space problem is the most important problem is the webmaster most headaches, no matter what want to say when it comes to the issue of space, if webmaster meet space not smooth, website search engine punishment, there will be what kind of? First of all, is the biggest will affect the user experience, user influence experience of web search engine is also not much.

: second change template to be punished. After the line on the website, according to the user’s experience, change the template of the website is the webmaster to replace the template when There are plenty of people who, the encounter sites have been punished is also very normal things. The punishment will be that several? First, not updated snapshot, snapshot is the most important webmaster friends in the chain of evidence, not updated snapshot webmaster will also very depressed, but when changing the template, not updated snapshot is a normal phenomenon, you do not know the spider website template, do not give you update snapshot is a small penalty. Second, the content of the website is not included, just changed template website, spider web sites without understanding the overall structure of the site, it needs to be included in the site template, in this case often is not included, the spider web content, or is included but this time not to put you out, or is the only data but not in database retrieval. Third, the website weight decreased, if often change the website template, the website weight will certainly be affected, the website weight is not high, it will not be included, this is attributed to the replacement of the original template. The webmaster should be how to deal with the weight loss after the template, you can refer to the implementation of.

website optimization process would appear over optimization, optimization is not proper, caused by the phenomenon of punishment, the search engine update site will have more or less change, search engine punishment for any website promotion, this also said the site was punished after treatment, the site will be punished if what are the performance of blogger to everybody.

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