Discussion how to send the chain of high quality

forum two, method: we all know that the high weight of the forum are not just send links, but these BBS advertising area is not the same, my approach is: write an article or a pseudo original, and then insert the key word text to optimize your connection and leave they stand at the end. After going hard manual reproduced to each big BBS advertising area. But the effect is still very impressive, I did 1 months by using this method, I could stand to lose weight into the home. Such methods that can attract the spider and guide part of traffic, really Yijianshuangdiao ah! But, the time to find what kind of PR4 above the forum, the effect will be much better. Similarly, forum signature replies have some effect, but need long-term accumulation to be able to see the obvious effect. The weight of this method to obtain a lot of

three, a few weight high blog: blog, mainly to the original and pseudo original in a period of time before, when you find love in Shanghai have included your blog articles, you can try to do the connection you master, in the end if your blog weight high, then you how to send what kazakhstan. But do a lot in the love of Shanghai space advertising and connection, high probability of being sealed. The weight of high

five, friendship connection method: this method can consider the connection It differs from man to man., money to buy a few high quality. Please note that I have no money trick oh. >

, write text: This is one of the high quality of the chain of the fastest and most effective method, a good article, can both help others and help yourself (mainly reprinted). Why not?? but the webmaster write soft article writing, observation and analysis capabilities have certain requirements, interested can learn on the Internet, give yourself a written after the end can be connected to the webmaster forum to contribute.

what is the high quality chain? High quality chain site rankings have much help? How to obtain the high quality of the chain? Recently wandering in various webmaster forums, found many new Adsense on this question is overwhelming. The methods and skills of many replies of the owners introduced and not complete, and some of it is out of date in Shanghai dragon. Our network of rivers and lakes, is a popular sentence "content is king, the chain for emperor" I think the ranking function outside the chain of high quality of the site is not how I talk nonsense? In order to let the novice webmaster walk less detours, I specially consulted some good friends for many years to do Shanghai dragon and combined with his years of Shanghai the Dragon experience dedication to you how to quickly obtain the high quality of the chain.

four, information classification method is to the classified information platform to send links, such as 58 city, people network, Tianya classification and so on, although not in text but can leave a link has been very good, not to mention the storage period of each link is in more than 3 months. The weight obtained by this method, but more stable.

obtained by this method

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