Four years of emotional and rational understanding of Shanghai Dragon

, a template can not be used, you need to optimize the

Optimization of

site traffic, need to rely on search engines to chain perception and included to obtain, when the search engine work, related links it first look for the home page, at the top of page, if contact within the chain, according to the guidelines to link will continue to search, because the program is defined, the search engine has been repeatedly to find out, until the link is not, all data will be searched by packing the records in the database, when people use search engines to search, will transfer out of use. This can be seen in the well is an important work of Shanghai dragon chain optimization. In the use of the chain, there is a very worthy of note, is to grasp within the time added chain. If the early in the site, content is not full, blindly add in the chain, it is easy to be blocked off site managers, so after the general will enrich the content of the site for a month, then add the inner chain and other optimization, here to remind friends, website construction content is king, just search optimization a method, so the content requirements after the optimization will play a multiplier effect.

Shanghai dragon has almost become the eternal topic of every online guest, by the webmaster to increase website traffic, get more customers, and to use the search of friends can also rely on this to get more detailed and accurate link. The author in the process of the establishment of four years, there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng sentiment, here choose important to share some of my friends.

many people know that the chain has significant effect on the optimization of the chain, but only make up more toil and trouble, so there is fear, in fact, as long as we use some methods, comprehensively the effect is very good. For example, write text, especially can be reproduced soft, easy to bring traffic to the site, if the buried soft Wen to various tutorial, can spread and can reduce risk. In the BBS, blog to advertise.

of the Shanghai Dragon

two, should pay attention to, work on the


in the process of construction, many people use a template hooking, on the surface can save time, but we carefully analyze the structure of the internal template, you will know that without the use of transformation template is difficult to realize the optimization of. For example, many template construction sites, Alt and Title are not familiar with optimization of a friend must know, which means that the site will not be included in the search engine, because words are not ah. For example, some template is known as has been optimized, but we look at its structure, sometimes found in a page will add a plurality of chain links, some keyword selection is not pay attention to this site, if used, do not say first can bring flow, is survival it is difficult, because this site is easy to be blocked and deleted.

Shanghai Dragon

three, the flexible use of the chain method to improve the effect of optimization

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