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getsections label added alias parameters, by positioning special


repair because of Short Message permission logic errors, resulting in unauthorized users can bypass permission to send Short Message vulnerabilities

details and download address: 贵族宝贝down.admin5贵族宝贝/php/7401.html

security function exists

details and download address: 贵族宝贝down.admin5贵族宝贝/php/69796.html



CMS article:



plus/search.php, search

. CMS is the open source content management system is simple, robust, flexible and open several major features, is the leading brand in the domestic open source CMS, the current installed capacity has reached seven hundred thousand, more than 60% of the sites are using CMS or CMS. Based on the development of the core.

plug-in mechanism, can automatically create a program file in the root directory, the RSS plug-in that Ann is used, more convenient



A5 source code

Links backstage management, repair more than 10 cannot be paged bug

to modify the background Links, is not fully displayed bug


alias Brief introduction:

Brief introduction:

AKCMS CMS is a lightweight, compact and efficient, good compatibility, low CPU utilization, low memory footprint, low requirement to the host; flexible custom, suitable for Shanghai dragon

member SQL

injection module Brief introduction: January 2013Enhanced


A5 source code first thanks to an old age for everyone! I wish you in the new year, good health, good luck in everything, cause on the upgrade, family hehemeimei!!! And thank you for your support and love of the A5 source in the past year, A5 source code to recommend the latest January 2013 free website code.

January 2013

PHPCMS is an open source PHP framework. By Phpcms model, a member of your question, topic, finance, advertising, subscriptions, mail order, Short Message, custom form, wide search more than 20 functional modules, built-in news, pictures, download, information, product 5 content model.

January 2013 recommended free website in January 2013

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