Forever change site title in Shanghai the influence of the Dragon

, especially the Shanghai dragon new friends, just began to site requirements have put keywords optimization up, know the original Shanghai dragon is really so magical, but they are more anxious, today saw a video how to choose keywords, they learned how to choose keywords less competition, act quickly to make a stand, he did not think this keyword can bring value to yourself, know when their choice of words did not value began to replace keywords title, optimization for a period of time and feel the headline no appeal again to change, this is a fatal mistake made by the novice website.

station is from new to old, is the most difficult to do new sites, because after love Shanghai repeated examination, in doing before we first go to use a few hours to choose keywords, write the title to the site, remember that a successful life, some people choose the keywords and title with a day remember the time, a written comprehensive, because a submission is search engine included in the modified he will be angry even not included you. Within three months of the station is new sites, new sites don’t modify title.

site has the weight of Shanghai would modify the title love to forgive you, but don’t change when the site has area, what weight ah, more than 6 months of the station is the old station, as long as you stand more than 6 months and has already accumulated a lot of weight, the premise is to change the title of your website included snapshot and stability normally, this old station can be modified.

The to change the titleEach The original

search engine and web site on the title

The new

The weight of the station to change the title

: no what special Yongqiang strongly suggested to do not modify the site title both the old station and the railway station are not to modify. A modified on the website caused by an injury.

metTo change the title of Shanghai dragon affected people they do not know how to understand the search engine spiders and site do not know

, spiders and you know there are a lot of factors, the title of the site is the most important, the equivalent of the human face, if you are singing, today for a face a face tomorrow, if the host does not tell you your name then show people do not know who you are. So it is a spider, and your website is the first contact with the title of your website contact. To tell you the title is the search engine know our website is an important part of the. If the regular changes, is equal to the search engine needs to know us, on our influence is quite large.

address 贵族宝贝zhongguo to change the title of Shanghai dragon er贵族宝贝/1_5/15/ Shanghai Longfeng influence author forever.

To change the title of Shanghai dragon’s influence they are constantly modify their own website title do not know

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