Taobao’s 2 million year old female crown sales of more than 2 years in more than 4


gender: female

age: 83 years

region: Harbin

is a professional: professional seller

credit rating: four crown

recently store a lot of things happened, get mentally and physically exhausted, because of some problems and partner, cannot proceed, deal with the problem of nearly half a month, during which only temporarily closed the store, because the details are not good for clients, only lied about network maintenance temporarily closed. After these things, the shop is now officially returned to normal business, more than sad, only more hard work will store management, recall the past more than 2 years of dribs and drabs, filled with a thousand regrets.

hope that my experience can give some confused small sellers some experience and encouragement.

graduated from the University for 06 years, lost two years of postgraduate work +, spent two years in muddleheaded. I love the shopping online from University, postgraduate failed, at the time that the online sales is a very good opportunity, but do not just graduated from start-up capital and experience, then listen to their parents, to find a job safety class peace, live in nine late five life time is 08 years. My work is easy, is civilian in Pharmaceutical Engineering Department, basically every day work done can have some time on the Internet, at that time the company also allows employees outside the network, so basically every day in Taobao above, not shopping is to see the forum learning experience, we often see some posts to start empty-handed rookie seller sales of over 10000 and so on, the heart a burst of excitement, hope that one day can become one of them. Slowly from the experience of some sellers posted that, in the hands of the goods do not want to open Taobao shop, you can start from the consignment. So the Internet can find a vendor who can sell. In their purchase, do two suppliers after a total consignment, the first is crystal jewelry, but because the shipping price is too high, and has just opened without experience, several months, even a baby did not sell out. When you get disheartened and found a house can sell the commodity supplier, the price is cheap, the quality is good, then start from zero gradually with the sales. Started in 2010 from 0 to 2 drill, with more than three months time.

was going to work with income, shop just for the sake of interest, are low-cost sales, there is no profit. Because the accident is also interested in the phone beauty DIY, began to sell their own products in the wholesale market from Ali and Harbin at home began to have the actual inventory of Taobao store. During this period, the boyfriend has always supported me, no funds, he put his income over the daily expenses, all for me to purchase my monthly wages have nothing left to purchase, if not we live at home, parents have to take care of daily diet, the days are not estimated go on.


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