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in 2015, the central economic work conference made it clear that the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, and promote public entrepreneurship, innovation and many people. In order to further implement the strategy of innovation driven development, aggregation and integration of various kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship resources, build a service platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, and students will remain in the UK branch of science and technology to promote the development of China Academy of Sciences Bureau of Chinese Academy of Sciences, innovation incubator investment Limited jointly with relevant units held the first "endless" in British science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition, set up in the UK science and technology innovation platform, promoting the international science and technology innovation cooperation, the construction of the global network of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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community business is the community’s peripheral industry

it is understood that the pre selected 12 items from the semi-finals to 36 outstanding projects into the semi-finals, semi-finals of the players all pre show innovative technology, innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, a lot of projects is very new, at the forefront of the industry, worthy of high hopes. Including intelligence and science: purple.

has removed the smoke of the enclosure wars

through the war, confirms the hard burn to get the user’s way is not desirable, the community O2O is not a simple internet project, completely on the line will be able to develop community, O2O is the biggest characteristic of localization, community, service, the line is very important, the line is very heavy, fast copy it is very difficult to be a community, a community, each community has its own characteristics, which is one of the reasons leading to rapid replication cannot pass through the line.

enclosure war is tragic, but also burn, mainly in two ways and cooperation with community property, one is to provide free property management software, including finance, CRM, fixed assets management and other related functions, two is direct money to buy the number of users, according to the community to pay property, the purpose behind it is to enter the community through this way, the user access to community resources, many enterprises in the enclosure war due to funding problems fell down, however only has problems with the development of O2O community capital, more rational, and gradually into the winter, no hematopoietic ability and business pattern of a good team basically get money, the bubble has burst, the entire industry is in a downturn.


community O2O heat rising from the second half of 2013, the O2O community has become the property industry and mobile Internet entrepreneurs xiangbobo, the entrance name locked to the community, but also to the property lock, in accordance with the game, who first quickly occupied the community who will occupy the industry discourse right, so we see the first half to seize the community resources in 2014 on the most powerful, like the year thousands of war in general, mainly Internet startups led in the capital support, using a variety of ways to get the community, the community is actually get behind with property resources, because the community lies in the hands of the property that took the property also took the entrance into the community, community pass.


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"pilot" in the field of intelligent wireless power supply is purple project objectives, wireless charging technology using this project, because the energy in the field of transmission between the charger and electric devices, not between wires, so the device charger and use of electricity can be done without exposed conductive contact. At present, the project team developed civil products, wireless charging, in the future they will be self-developed wireless charging industry product and radio chip independent research and development of high efficiency, meet more wireless charging market scenario, build wireless charging field ecosystem. Wireless charging technology is the core of the company, but also the future direction of development.

O2O community entrance has been entrepreneurs are concerned, the direct impact of market entrance quickly seize the final competition results, have also mastered the entrance flow, has won the battle to grasp, since 2013 the official O2O community after the popular war on the entrance also never stop too.

in December 4, 2016, the British science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition pre heats in Beijing concluded, the judges and guests including Chinese Technical Institute of physics associate professor, associate professor of energy and optimization of Key Laboratory of thermal process, deputy director of the Zhang Zhentao Institute of automation, intelligent recognition of Tianjin Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice president Xue Wenfang, Chinese Academy of Sciences software senior engineer, in Kejia speed Beijing deputy general manager of Information Technology Co., Ltd. Dr. Yao Jifeng CEO, Zhu Cheng; Fu Department of investment combination capital founding partner, free and useless to raise public record coffee sponsor Cheng Lijian, President Hao Jiangping, Bauhinia venture in Hong Yu, 36 krypton intime partner partner Lin Doody Bauhinia, President Hao Jiangping, in the venture capital, financial investment partner Hong Yu intime spark director Sun Yijuan, Su River Department of investment manager Ceng Tianpeng, a dream of venture capital investment manager Dai Hongyi, China Science & Technology Investment Manager Wang Enyu, Third Department of investment manager Tian Ruixue, Thomas venture Relationship Director single Inzer etc..

from the beginning of 2015 more community O2O participants began to rethink its commercial nature, we are also open to many enterprises begin to pay attention to the line of the scene construction, such as to create a comprehensive community service center, pay attention to the butler service system construction, in short is more based on local services to carry out the job market.

community business is becoming

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