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at that time, there was a video site Vimeo abroad, which started with video HD cloud storage. Now it’s a platform for global video creators, and it’s also very hot in china. I love to shoot short films, naturally become a loyal fan of it, and often find some excellent short films on this platform. Later, I gradually came up with the idea: is it possible to build a website, to integrate these excellent videos at home and abroad to share, but also to those who produce video to provide reference and communication opportunities?.

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is a forum for advertising every day, sit at home and earn three thousand month, day to earn one hundred, and claimed to be a free training, and earn three thousand a month to pay tuition one thousand and eight hundred to them, please do not believe them when they join their free training group, see the four class free training video after you buy website, 200 yuan to buy four websites, please be sure to see, actually the four stations a total of only 200M, very small, there are a lot of people where they bought very regret.. bought their website into practice, in practice the group did not have a charge out of the no matter. We understand, are silent, with training before argument is completely different. I published a group of 63067217. of their internship please don’t be deceived. They have many web forums, I also announced, now the dream network, http://s. www.dream8008/, also There are a lot of not published, and then announced a spent 200 yuan to join their internship group of , do not believe what I said, you can ask him.:383868120.

in the school, I was a love of love into the people, although reading is a communication engineering specialty, but often with friends, do shoot video effects, write procedures, but also free movies, as entertainment. So I think I am a leg in the Internet circle, a leg in the film and television circles. At that time I would like to, can we use the Internet to solve the problem of film and television thinking?.

V movie network prototype: a blog based on WordPress system, with excellent video recommendation at home and abroad, also includes behind the scenes teaching and industry information, at the same time through the line activities, cultivate brand, gather resources. At that time, our execution is very strong, this idea in less than a week on the line, began operation.

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met his people, will feel that this boy is quiet: "work very seriously, and grandiose Internet venture circle is very different."." Yin Xingliang V, founder of the movie network, "entrepreneurs" magazine 2014 3 issue, one of the 88 cover after the College started playing like a product, then got the alumni Wang Xiao investment, officially put into entrepreneurship among. Entrepreneurs are difficult, young entrepreneurs should be more difficult, no resources, no experience, but as Yin Xingliang said: "young, not afraid of losing."." This is the Yin Xingliang V film network dry dry manual, it is worth reading.

Dictation: Yin Xingliang finishing: Chen Chen,

but at that time, I was still studying with my little friends, and I was working in the lab code in the evenings. I worked with V movies at night and on weekends. We are far from considering what kind of industry this is. What are the industry roles behind, where we are in the industry, what kind of people we need to do this, and so on.

we just wanted to make an interesting product and didn’t start it as an entrepreneur. I was in graduate school, one of the wireless communication laboratory or Beiyou best place, after graduation, you can easily find a operators, equipment manufacturers, both paid and stable. So V movies are just fun for us in our spare time.


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