Grassroots nternet entrepreneurs do not lack the most successful

at the beginning of this article before we say a digression, this article has another title "why big companies get out of easy success?", I believe that seeing the title maybe you already know what I want to say is what. But don’t worry, let’s go down slowly.

I know a lot of people on the Internet, more than half of them have the same identity, that is grassroots. There have been numerous exchanges and discussions on the topic of grassroots Internet users in how to start a successful business, we do a lot of assumptions. Maybe you have the same answer, no money no money no grassroots, success is difficult. Until a few days ago I came across an Internet entrepreneur, and he ate the same work with the labor for some time, I found that the original for the grassroots, the most lacking is a practice, the practice of large companies.

we call him S Jun for the time being, I will not say the process of S Jun success, after all, the success story is the same. S Jun was born in BAT company, he gave me a very deep impression in the entrepreneurial process, so I suddenly feel that perhaps the grassroots is a lack of experience. I call this experience the practice of entrepreneurship.

is now the grassroots is omnipotent and even omnipotent, but perhaps it is precisely this versatile talent makes it difficult for us to focus, more difficult to focus. S Jun originally in BAT is a technical background, he will only be a technology is PHP. I believe a lot of Internet owners have dabbled, but S Jun will only this one, of course, he is very proficient in his products from the beginning of the business until now has been developed using PHP. Later, he got the venture capital, the team does not have an extension to recruit PHPer technology, such as his general level. So he’s in the company’s technology is the strongest, of course, he is no longer a simple technical staff. However, as the founder and CEO, he can still be at some point on the product, the technical staff to make the most accurate judgments and guidance. Focus on a little bit of technology, you have it?

in the early days of S Jun, there are many colleagues have come to find him to chat, when he did not get a penny, only one person and a house. Later, when he felt that the time is ripe for action, his former colleagues have come in handy. These people are removed from the BAT circle, whether it is technical, operation, investment, promotion etc gave him great help. Mr. S said to me, more than half of his success is someone to help. There is no denying that the Internet is now a lot of people, each person’s network is also very wide, but based on grassroots and grassroots contacts, when you do not really play a decisive role in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship, it is necessary to help, rather than mutual help. (in order to avoid ambiguity, I repeat, not the grassroots contacts between Nothing is right., just a simple comparison, please don’t too literally. ) can let you call the "noble" contacts, you have

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S Jun, there was a similar product

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