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I’m from long ago began planning to redo the "win in Chinese" this program, because I think it is not only for entrepreneurs, this is all want to develop, want to do things for people learning platform, this platform is very important. To do everything must have a goal, how to integrate resources, and accomplish this goal, which is the core of our program.

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in order to make you better experience points exchange fun, enjoy the union to provide more preferential value-added services. With the revision of the league, we made a comprehensive upgrade to the amusement park.

in addition to maintaining the original points exchange features, after this upgrade, points Park presents a new feature is:


in the past, "win in China" the theme is to find investment, and now entrepreneurship, investment is not the most important. Especially a large number of venture capital fund for the project in China background, now is not the player money, but money for the project. In such a context, the 10 million bonus of the program, and then used for investment, will not be established, so it is necessary to find "meaningful, valuable things" to run around".

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1, hundred kinds of points, new products on line, more distinguished, exclusive sh419 special prizes;

business thinking has changed me

2, prizes inquiries more convenient, members do not log in the background, you can directly see the detailed points of the prize presentation;

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The ?After the final recording of

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titanium media director and renowned producer Wang Lifen at the end of 2009 as the CCTV position, joined the video website this "burn" business, youmi online line focus on providing services for entrepreneurs, she became a representative of the media business transformation. However, quality rice network does not seem to bring such as that of the first file CCTV show "win 30 million business venture, attracted in China" create brilliant for her high ratings.


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Wang Lifen is the best person I’ve ever seen to integrate connections and resources. From CCTV platform to run away, she not only did not lose the original influence, but can snowball to build big brother’s resources. Will Ma Yun, Liu Chuanzhi pull to "win in China" finals and sit for four hours this is about two and a half hours to interview every row a year, and ah Wang Xiaofei, Yao Jinbo, Li Xiang and other popular characters support, Wang Lifen’s ability to mobilize and contacts visible. Quality rice network business for many years has not fire up, but for three months to 12 entrepreneurs reality show to occupy the screen of prime time, the media and CEO bring what changes? Look at the statement by Wang Lifen

3, the League will be points, prizes, delivery time from "once a month" to "once a week."".

sh419 alliance development from

was completed, Wang Lifen received an interview with MS. Zou Ling, a senior journalist in the TMT field, who edited the media. Let’s see, "said the girl CEO,"

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I decided later to do one task per issue. Each time the program is released a task, a project, which is helpful for entrepreneurs. Which company do you say doesn’t do the project? The civil service also does the project, right? So is the interview

this year, Wang Lifen again will "win in Chinese sky blue room" onto the screen, twelve entrepreneurs experimental reality show, recording cycle length, strong lineup, making the complex, as the producer how to make a final summary? Is a senior media person, and a Internet start-ups CEO her, how to look at a few months stay together morning and night venture CEO

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

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