Two years say to the novice Wangzhuan Wangzhuan insidePu Lan show thinking entrepreneurs also want

what are the opportunities for entrepreneurship,


1., he studied and studied two days, so that you had a preliminary understanding of the three counties, and a half day closed door meeting to discuss the policy and development space.

some people and I said, I have the money, I’ll give you a consulting fee for such a friend, I can only say to you 88, this is not a sleight of hand, is in need of investment, you lose money is normal, money is your good fortune.

4. Mr office property site services;


please don’t understand:

instant, composed of the three districts of the new County, has aroused widespread concern. For the country, this is a strategic decision of great significance for the times, and for entrepreneurs, this is also a new door!

, Pu Lan, show thinking, vision, help entrepreneurs


recently, an unknown name suddenly spread all over China, that is, "Xiong an", in April 1, 2017, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued a notice, decided to set up the Hebei new security zone. This is another new national area after the Shenzhen special economic zone and Shanghai and Pudong New Area.

2. registration services for

3. some old people ask you for some consulting fees just ranging from 100-300, than you go to the training team much cheaper wangzhuan. There are 500-600 or tens of thousands of dollars, and team training, you know, these old people are one to one service to you ah.

sometimes really want to help those who entered the community Wangzhuan novice, I understand your mood. But many Wangzhuan old man like me, you face some naive question about really helpless, we also have the time cost of these old people. Once you ask, yes, you ask too much. That means I’m taking you.

8. New District residence permit agency service you know, future male social security


2, O2O platform. You can choose door-to-door service, such as nail, beauty, take out and so on. At present, the typical platform of beaver and 58 are not covered by the home Manicure xiongan district.

3. male financial services;

4, entertainment industry. A shopping mall, cinema, playground, etc.

6. male venture space Service Office;

2. do not think a lot of time to do Wangzhuan day to earn a few hundred, tell you a small chance.

everyone can see the voice of netizens, today I will give the novice pointing out

1. experience valuable, others told you not to money is your blessing, money is normal.

this article is my contact with 3 similar new people, and the combination of part of the new station to write, inevitably some inappropriate place, but also please forgive me,

entrepreneurship requires not only unremitting efforts, but also more foresight, although it is still developing, but as a historic strategic choice, entrepreneurs also need to advance layout.


finally say something, Wangzhuan not deceptive mentality to correct.

3, investing in local companies. Local companies have basically built a comprehensive, perfect system, without thinking, there will be too much risk, is a relatively smooth choice.

after more than a month of research and fighting, in the general assembly of the general assembly of the general assembly of the new group, Pu Pu, the new group of the new headquarters of the new group opened its 5.18 day ribbon cutting ceremony. They offer the following services for male entrepreneurs:

if you want to achieve in a short period of time a day to earn a few hundred dollars, if you are a professional computer network I say you are possible, but if you only know I will chat will send an email to watch movies and other simple network knowledge, so I can give you a conclusion: 1-2 years you earn dream will not a few hundred dollars, "

a lot of new people, after adding me, keep asking me how to make money, free? Ask me if you have any questions.

really, a person’s time is limited. As soon as you come up, you want to make money and don’t want to invest. Sometimes the novice ask more, I would say you give me some trouble, not really to you for money, others took a few years Wangzhuan experience to tell you, you said just want to take off?. Maybe? Help you once, even if you ask more, teaching fees are not given, you have a problem with this person. So many of our old man is no longer reasonable for these new couples do not understand, sometimes slightly veiled criticism.

5., Xin an new venture intelligence service;

7. male security surrounding tax declaration to facilitate future enjoyment of policy or investment property

1, entrepreneurship related to the ground. At present, all of the real estate industry is frozen, but on cement, steel, building materials, transportation and other industries listed companies, we are able to choose investment.

I tell you, I do Wangzhuan for almost two years, what kind of projects have encountered, tried, fooled, cheated. Get to know some insider wangzhuan.

5, the Internet industry. The Internet has become an essential factor in people’s lives, but many entrepreneurs believe that the current security situation remains to be developed, what opportunities will continue in the future, but also need to continue to investigate.

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