Personal websites can also do something about personal network brand marketing

said that the brand, most people will think that for the enterprise, only the enterprise has brand significance and value. In fact, the idea is biased, not only the company, but also the individual, should have brand significance. Personal brand value has become more and more important in the market economy. In particular, some famous entrepreneurs, such as Li Kaifu, Liu Chuanzhi, Ma Yun, Niu Gensheng and other characters, have great personal brand value. How to build an effective value brand? It’s crucial for brands to be consistent, whether it’s your company or yourself. The concept of a brand is the image recognition of certain names, images, or designs, these elements, and in general it belongs to an intangible asset. If your name or image is constantly changing, then how can it be successful?

always uses the same user name

, wherever you register service, insist on using the exact same username. You should use the same name in each system, including all of the instant messaging software (QQ, Skype, MSN, YAHOO, etc.) or create any personal data pages in social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, happy net, etc.) and you use any social the media (Digg, In addition, you should use the name of the email you communicate with others, and this message will be used in company documents or marketing. For example, I’ve been using, the user name, to promote my ad alliance evaluation network,

always uses the same image as

when you create an account on a Web service, most systems ask you to upload personal data pictures. Make sure that you use the same picture for every service you register. If you want to advertise the company’s brand, use the company’s LOGO. If you want to build your own personal brand, use exactly the same avatar in all Web services.

for the company, there are two main signs, images need to be used, the actual company LOGO pictures, and very small favicon icons. This small icon should be the favicon icon on the site, and can be used on services that allow only small pictures (for example, instant messaging clients).

maintains a consistent design style,

some services, such as Facebook may not be realized, but for some sites, such as MySpace and Twitter, we can use a custom template style to create an independent brand image, that is to use the same background and LOGO images in personal information, if possible, also the use of design templates the same in your blog or website.

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