Warm prompt Webmaster Station don’t like me like this

has its own website for me has been a dream thing, and ultimately the construction of the site is my personal hobby, until after the site just want to bring some profits. I contact the website construction time is not long, but because the site has to quit work, dedicated to my web site. In the process of building the website, I met many problems, and there are many detours. Share with you today, I hope the novice webmaster do not take my old road.

in 2008, I built my website, which was about computer tutorials. Before I built it, I had high expectations for the website. Site planning is also pretty good. So I applied for space, domain name. Their site finally came out, very happy. Let’s see how I did it, huh?

1, apply domain name, space

domain name I do not need to say, we all know what kind of domain name application, we all have in mind. Talk about the main space, this space can put me in a bind. For the sake of cheap price, the application space is not a problem today, that is, tomorrow will be a problem, some will stop and the data will be gone. Search engine powers down.

tip: if you want to do a website, how to choose a similar space, do not look at the cheap, or you will regret it.

2, site template

to do a website, there is one thing we must remember: content is the core of the site. Even if the site is more beautiful, no content is garbage. Here my mistake is very big! Look at someone else’s website, want better than their own websites so beautiful, modify, repair to repair to do not know which version of myself, this is the latest revision, I really do not know the original is good, or now good. Otherwise, let’s have a look.

tips: site templates in addition to beauty, but also suitable for your web site column content. Plan it, do it, fix it, try not to change it.

3, website column and content


section of the web site and content but the priority among priorities website! My website is the website get good prior specifications, relatively large, the column will be more, my these columns are all down from others on the site, is the essence! But still not satisfied, too a lot of. Content, because the column is more, manual add slowly, I choose to collect. Sorry,


tip: column planning must be done first, to meet the theme of the site, personal website recommendations should be small and refined. There are too many columns to make. The simplest example is that, as we learn technology, we can do anything and master nothing. That’s not good. Content must not be collected, that is, to reprint, but also to change a title of what. It is best to write some of your own, after all, you build the content of the site, you should know how much it is (remember ah)


I’ve got so many problems with building websites

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