How to keep pace with the ranking rules of Baidu pomegranate algorithm

constantly updated with the Baidu algorithm and upgrade, following the "Baidu" algorithm Scindapsus soon, Baidu launched the latest Baidu ranking algorithm: "the first phase of the" Baidu pomegranate algorithm. With the last "Baidu" Scindapsus algorithm is different, the "Baidu pomegranate algorithm" is mainly aimed at containing bad advertisements interfere with the user’s normal browsing page, especially to confuse the pop up a large number of low quality pop ads, the main content of the page spam page as the representative of the web content, and even websites. This also to the majority of webmaster who indicates that the future direction of adjustment is to reduce the quality of low box advertising pop-up rate, reduce unnecessary spam page, and so on.

first of all, for low quality pop-up ads advertising rate, the webmaster should do a good job of countermeasures.

we should all know, especially in the medical industry site or project or opened, will have a lot of advertising in the bomb box on the left side of the page, right, bottom, right angle position and so on, at first glance, the website is also good, but when it comes to browse, you will find these ads, the bomb box is very annoying. For example, read an article, look at the two or three sentence, out of a bomb box advertising, see two or three, out of a bomb box, does not allow visitors to read data, deepen understanding, but also cause the visitors to the site feeling, even cause the viewer is directly off the page leave, impulse. This is not alarmist, everyone should know, every industry has numerous sites or topics for the visitors, so browse range is very wide, if caused visitors to close the page, leave the site, there will be the phenomenon of high bounce rate.

how to deal with it? First of all, to simplify the page, that is to say, advertising on the web, but not too much, such as adding a banner at the bottom of the page or click advertisement is in the lower right corner with a QQ jitter, will not affect the overall simplicity and beautiful page. It does not affect the viewer browsing web content, if the content of the page quality is quite good, the viewer will read attentively experience, also will cause the viewer’s interest, giving the viewer question, it will click on the ads for consultation or communication. Wouldn’t that be better?. What do you say,


followed by a spam page

that confuses the content of the page

some owners will find some of the site, there will be some very low quality of the page, for example: the personal data page, there are many blogs, forums and social networking sites, when asked to fill out the registration information, there will be more or less only to create a user name and a bunch of empty fields; empty directory or search the results page, the causes of this situation is that some websites in some classifications inside only a few information or even without any information; tab, when adding tags to classify blog posts can make blog browsing become more help, creating an unlimited number of tags and labels for each post will produce.

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